1700 Second Partition Treaty.

1701 Duke of Anjou becomes King of Spain. Act of Settlement passed.

1701 Death of James II.

1702 Anne, died 1714.

1704 Battle of Blenheim, August 13. Harley and St. John take office.

1705 Victories of Peterborough in Spain.

1706 Battle of Ramillies, May 23.

1707 Act of Union with Scotland.

1708 Dismissal of Harley and St. John. Battle of Oudenarde.

1709 Battle of Malplaquet.

1710 Trial of Sacheverell.

Tory Ministry of Harley and St. John.

1712 Dismissal of Marlborough.

1713 Treaty of Utrecht.

1714 George the First, died 1727. Ministry of Townshend and Walpole.

1715 Jacobite Revolt under Lord Mar.

1716 The Septennial Bill.

1717 The Triple Alliance. Ministry of Lord Stanhope.

1718 The Quadruple Alliance.

1720 Failure of the Peerage Bill. The South Sea Company.

1721 Ministry of Sir Robert Walpole. 1723 Exile of Bishop Atterbury. 1727 War with Austria and Spain.-

George the Second, died 1760. 1729 Treaty of Seville. 1730 Free exportation of American rice allowed.

1731 Treaty of Vienna. 1733 Walpole's Excise Bill.

War of the Polish Succession.

Family compact between France and Spain.

1737 Death of Queen Caroline.

1738 The Methodists appear in London.

1739 War declared with Spain.

1740 War of the Austrian Sucession.

1742 Resignation of Walpole.

1743 Battle of Dettingen, June 27.

1745 Ministry of Henry Pelham. Battle of Fontenoy, May 31. Charles Edward lands in Scotland. Battle of Prestonpans, Sept. 21. Charles Edward reaches Derby, Dec. 4.

1746 Battle of Falkirk, Jan. 23. Battle of Culloden, April 16.

1748 Peace of Aix-Ia-Chapelle. 1751 Clive's surprise of Arcot.

1754 Death of Henry Pelham.

Ministry of Duke of Newcastle.

1755 The Seven Years' War. Defeat of General Braddock.

1756 Loss of Port Mahon. Retreat of Admiral Byng.

1757 Convention of Closter-Seven. Ministry of William Pitt. Battle of Plassey, June 23.

1758 Capture of Louisburg and Cape Breton. Capture of Fort Duquesne.

1759 Battle of Minden, August 1.

Capture of Fort Niagara and Ticonderoga. Wolfe's victory on Heights of Abraham. Battle of Quiberon Bay, Nov. 20.

1760 George the Third died 1820. Battle of Wandewash.

1761 Pitt resigns office. Ministry of Lord Bute. Brindley's Canal over the Irwell.

1763 Peace of Paris.

Ministry of George Grenville. Wedgwood establishes potteries.

1764 First expulsion of Wilkes from House of Commons. Hargreaves invents Spinning Jenny.

1765 Stamp Act passed.

Ministry of Lord Rockingham. Meeting and Protest of American Congress. Watt invents Steam Engine.

1766 Repeal of the Stamp Act. Ministry of Lord Chatham.

1768 Ministry of the Duke of Grafton. Second expulsion of Wilkes. Arkwright invents Spinning Machine.

1769 Wilkes three times elected for Middlesex. House of Commons seats Col. Luttrell. Occupation of Boston by British troops. Letters of Junius.

1770 Chatham's proposal of Parliamentary Reform. Ministry of Lord North.

1771 Last attempt to prevent Parliamentary reporting. Beginning of the great English Journals. 1773 Hastings appointed Governor-General. Boston tea-riots.

1774 Military occupation of Boston. Its port closed.

Massachusetts Charter altered. Congress assembles at Philadelphia.

1775 Rejection of Chatham's plan of conciliation. Skirmish at Lexington.

Americans, under Washington, besiege Boston. Battle of Bunker's Hill. Southern Colonies expel their Governors.

1776 Crompton invents the Mule. Arnold invades Canada. Evacuation of Boston. Declaration of Independence, July 4. Battles of Brooklyn and Trenton. Adam Smith's " Wealth of Nations".

1777 Battle of Brandywine. Surrender of Saratoga, Oct. 17. Chatham proposes Federal Union. Washington at Valley Forge.

1778 Alliance of France and Spain with United States. Death of Chatham.

1779 Siege of Gibraltar.

Armed Neutrality of Northern Powers. The Irish Volunteers.

1780 Capture of Charlestown.

Descent of Hyder Ali on the Carnatic.

1781 Defeat of Hyder at Porto Novo. Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

1782 Ministry of Lord Rockingham. Victories of Rodney.

Repeal of Poynings' Act.

Pitt's Bill for Parliamentary Reform.

Burke's Bill of Economical Reform.

Shelburne Ministry.

Repulse of Allies from Gibraltar.

1783 Treaties of Paris and Versailles. Coalition Ministry of Fox and North. Fox's India Bill.

Ministry of Pitt.

1784 Pitt's India Bill. Financial Reforms.

1785 Parliamentary Reform Bill.

Free Trade Bill between England and Ireland.

1786 Trial of Warren Hastings.

1787 Treaty of Commerce with France. 1758 The Regency Bill.

1789 Meeting of States-General at Versailles. New French Constitution.

Triple Alliance for defence of Turkey.

1790 Quarrel over Nootka Sound. Pitt defends Poland.

Burke's " Reflections on the French Revolution".

1791 Representative Government set up in Canada. Fort's Libel Act. Burke's " Appeal from the New to, the Old Whigs".

1792 Pitt hinders Holland from joining the Coalition. France opens the Scheldt. Pitt's efforts for peace. The United Irishmen.

1793 France declares War on England. Part of Whigs join Pitt. English army lands in Flanders. English driven from Toulon.

1794 English driven from Holland. Suspension of Habeas Corpus Act. Victory of Lord Howe, June I.

1796 Burke's "Letters on a Regicide Peace".

1797 England alone in the War with France. Battle of Camperdown.

Battle of Cape St. Vincent.

1798 Irish revolt crushed at Vinegar Hill. Battle of the Nile.

1799 Pitt revives the Coalition against Franca Conquest of Mysore.