1800 Surrender of Malta to English Fleet.

Armed Neutrality of Northern Powers. Act of Union with Ireland.

1801 George the Third rejects Pitt's Plan of Catholic Emancipation. Administration of Mr. Addington. Surrender of French army in Egypt. Battle of Copenhagen.

1802 Peace of Amiens.

Publication of "Edinburgh Review".

1803 War declared against Buonaparte. Battle of Assaye.

1804 Second Ministry of Pitt.

1805 Battle of Trafalgar, Oct. 21.

1806 Death of Pitt, Jan. 23. Ministry of Lord Grenville. Death of Fox.

1807 Orders in Council.

1807 Abolition of Slave Trade. Ministry of Duke of Portland. Seizure of Danish Fleet.

1808 Battle of Vimiera, and Convention of Cintra.

1809 America passes Non-Intercourse Act. Battle of Corunna, Jan. 16. Wellesley drives Soult from Oporto. Battle of Talavera, July 23. Expedition against Walcheren. Ministry of Spencer Perceval. Revival of Parliamentary Reform.

1810 Battle of Busaco. Lines of Torres Vedras.

1811 Prince of Wales becomes Regent. Battle of Fuentes d'Onore, May 5. Luddite Riots.

1812 Assassination of Spencer Perceval. Ministry of Lord Liverpool.

Storm of Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz. America declares War against England. Battle of Salamanca, July 22. Wellington retreats from Burgos. Victories of American Frigates.

1813 Battle of Vitoria, June 21. Battles of the Pyrenees. Wellington enters France, Oct. Americans attack Canada.

1814 Battle of Orthes.

Battle of Toulouse, April 10. Battle of Chippewa, July. Raid upon Washington. British repulses at Plattsburg and New Orleans.

1815 Battle of Quatre Bras, June 16. Battle of Waterloo, June 18. Treaty of Vienna.

1819 Manchester Massacre.

1820 Cato Street Conspiracy. George the Fourth, died 1830. Bill for the Queen's Divorce.

1822 Canning Foreign Minister.

1823 Mr. Huskisson joins the Ministry.

1826 Expedition to Portugal. Recognition of South American States.

1827 Ministry of Mr. Canning. Ministry of Lord Goderich. Battle of Navarino.

1828 Ministry of Duke of Wellington.

1829 Catholic Emancipation Bill.

1830 William the Fourth, died 1837. Ministry of Lord Grey.

Opening of Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

1831 Reform Agitation.

1832 Parliamentary Reform Bill passed, June 7.

1833 Suppression of Colonial Slavery. East Indian trade thrown open.

1834 Ministry of Lord Melbourne. New Poor Law.

System of National Education begun. Ministry of Sir Robert Peel.

1835 Ministry of Lord Melbourne replaced. Municipal Corporation Act.

1836 General Registration Act. Civil Marriages Act.

1837 Victoria.

1838 Formation of Anti-Corn-Law League.

1839 Committee of Privy Council for Education instituted. Demands for a People's Charter. Revolt in Canada. War with China. Occupation of Cabul.

1840 Quadruple Alliance with France, Portugal and Spain. Bombardment of Acre.

1841 Ministry of Sir Robert Peel.

1842 Income Tax revived. Peace with China.

Massacre of English Army in Afghanistan. Victories of Pollock in Affghanistan. Annexation of Scinde.

1845 Battles of Moodkee and Ferozeshah.

1846 Battle of Sobraon. Repeal of the Corn Laws. Ministry of Lord John Russell.

1848 Suppression of the Chartists and Irish rebels.

1849 Victory of Goojerat. Annexation of the Punjaub.

1852 Ministry of Lord Derby.

Ministry of Lord Aberdeen.

1854 Alliance with France against Russia. Siege of Sebastopol.

Battle of Inkermann, Nov. 5.

1855 Ministry of Lord Palmerston. Capture of Sebastopol.

1856 Peace of Paris with Russia.

1857 Sepoy Mutiny in Bengal.

1858 Sovereignty of India transferred to the Crown. Volunteer movement. Second Ministry of Lord Derby.

1859 Second Ministry of Lord Palmerston.

1865 Ministry of Lord Russell.

1866 Third Ministry of Lord Derby.

1867 Parliamentary Reform Bill.

1868 Ministry of Mr. Disraeli. Ministry of Mr. Gladstone.

1869 Disestablishment of Episcopal Church in Ireland.

1870 Irish Land Bill. Education Bill

1871 Abolition of religious tests in Universities. Army Bill

1872 Ballot Bill.

1874 Second Ministry of Mr. Disraeli.