Next to Australia, this is the largest island in the world. Its greatest length is 1,490 miles and its maximum breadth is 430 miles. The area is estimated at 311,580 square miles, with a total population of 2,-500,000. All the land to the west of 141 degrees east longitude is claimed by the Dutch. East of this New Guinea has been divided between Britain and Germany, the northern portion belonging to Germany and the southern part to Britain.

British New Guinea has an area of 86,-457 square miles and a population of 135,-000. The government is administered by the Deputy Commissioner, who resides at Port Moresby, the only port of entry for goods.

German New Guinea, comprising 95,653 square miles and a population of 325,000, lies to the east of the Dutch and north of the British possessions. This territory was taken possession of by Germany in 1885 and called Kaiser Wilhelm's Land. Afterward the New Britain Islands, and the islands of

Bougainville, Choiseul and Isabel, in the Solomon group, were annexed under the name of Bismarck Archipelago.

The seat of administration is at Finsch-haven, where the Governor resides.