Turkey in Asia is a part of the Ottoman or Turkish Empire, the capital of which is Constantinople. In Eastern Asiatic Turkey flow the rivers famous in both sacred and profane history - the Tigris and Euphrates. In the northern part are remark-able forests, fertile valleys, and mountains. Among the latter, in Armenia, is the noted Mount Ararat, famed in the Bible as the resting-place of the ark after the Flood. Within Asiatic Turkey, also, is Damascus, a famous old city, with its grand old mosques. Damascus is the metropolis and centre of the caravan trade. It was here the famous Damascus steel of the ancients was made. Its chief manufactures now are saddles and silk goods.

Smyrna is the most important commercial city and seaport of Asiatic Turkey.

Tropical fruits, cotton, grain, and tobacco grow well in all the watered parts of the country. The people are chiefly Turks and Arabs, professing the Mohammedan faith. The Armenians, however, are Christians, and have suffered a number of serious massacres for their religion, the last of great proportions being in 1896.