Brilliant papers and metallic foils make lovely Christmas decorations. Single row of slashes (11.) along fold makes pom-pom, lanterns, Double slasning (2),top and bottom, makes a delicate, lacy chain.Unfold carefully, pull out gently. It will extend three to four times original length.

Paper Fantasies

Cornucopias have a dozen decorative uses. Fold as shown, trim fancifully. Below. Standard Fold used for swags, jumping jacks.

Cornucopias Have A Dozen Decorative Uses

Simple pleating for wheels, fans, angels.

Simple Pleating For Wheels, Fans, AngelsThe Unusual Shape Of The Cookie Is But The Beginning

The unusual shape of the cookie is but the beginning. When you have added white or colored icing details to emphasize the design, you will have brought the cookie to life. A cornucopia made of heavy bond or writing paper is all you need to put the icing decorations on with. Cut the pointed tip off, fill the cone with icing, fold over the top to keep the frosting from oozing out as you press it, and decorate the cookie. Decorative icing recipes are included in any standard cook book. A few drops of vegetable food coloring added to the icing will produce the shades and colors you'll want to use.

There are three ways to put a hanger on the cookie so it will dangle satisfactorily from the tree. Thread a large darning needle with carpet thread and thrust the needle through the top edge of the cookie while it is still warm. Leave a 6" piece of thread strung through the cookie for tying it to the tree. Fine wire may be pushed through the warm cookie and bent to hang on a branch. The third and prettiest way is to punch a small hole with a nail or skewer through the fresh baked cookie. An 8" piece of narrow satin or tinsel ribbon is threaded immediately through the hole. Tied in a small bow to the tip of a branch, the bright ribbon adds a gay and festive note.

Candies, homemade and different in appearance, lend their touch of individuality to the well-dressed tree. Take candy canes, for instance. Striped ones are traditional but don't stop there. The basic white taffy (the recipe is in any good cook book) may be bent into a number of other shapes. When sufficient pulling has turned the taffy white, and while it is still pliable, quickly bend it into stars, diamonds, crescents, even little men, horses, houses, trees and Santa Clauses. The ends are pinched tightly together and the shapes are set to harden on a greased cookie tin. Old-fashioned molasses taffy, always a popular and delicious holiday sweet, can be treated the same way. Its golden color makes a fine display when accented with bright green or red ribbon hangers.

Candy coated apples and bright colored lollipops may be wrapped in clear cellophane before hanging to the tree with silver ribbons. As they are fairly heavy, place them on the lower branches or near the trunk where they will gleam colorfully when the lights are on.

Christmas candies and cookies are rather easily sold. The trick to successful marketing lies in both the excellence of your products and the individuality with which they are executed. Simply to duplicate with commercial cutters and ordinary recipes what the average woman at home can do for herself will stimulate little or no interest in your things. Make them different and distinctive by designing and making your own cutters and shaping the candies in unusual ways.

Use only the very best ingredients. This will add to their cost but their extra goodness justifies the higher price. Take the time to wrap each piece individually and to package it attractively. Layer cake tins and tin jelly molds are attractive containers that need but a sheet of cellophane to cover and hold the contents. Shop around in the odd corners of town. So-called "outlet" stores frequently have new and undamaged boxes, baskets and various kinds of containers and canisters for extremely low prices. These are surplus stock or discontinued lines that may be just exactly what you are looking for. They will add to the sales appeal of your Christmas specialties.

All of these suggestions for Christmas decorations and accessories may serve as models for other traditional holidays. By using the colors traditional to specific occasions, it is quite possible to transform Christmas tree angels into brides and bride's maids, Pilgrims, witches, George Washington or whatever figure you wish to use for table decoration.

School dances, Garden and Woman's Club luncheons and P.T.A. teas and dinners are other occasions offering possibilities for custom-made decorations. It is true that in the beginning of your career along these lines you will have to design and make

» table settings and decorations without charging the club or group. But that is the way to get started in this field and, quite frequently, you will be able to sell the decorations after the luncheon is over. This is an excellent way to become known as a clever and unusual specialist in the decorative line.