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Construction and Plumbing Books

Reference books on construction and plumbing

-Make It And Make It Pay | by Catherine Roberts
WOULD you like to earn money by building a real dam? Or a club or garden house? Or would you like to make gloves that can be sold almost as fast as you can finish them? It is fun to add extra money to your bank account. This book explains construction techniques in understandable terms and illustrated so fully that anyone can follow them. The professional methods of selling products to stores and gift shops are also described in this book.
-Blast Furnace Construction In America | by J. E. Johnson, Jr.
The blastfurnace is the key which unlocks Nature's stores of iron for our use. It is unique in having been unchanged in principle for several centuries, and in having no substitute. For the steam engine we have the gas engine, for the Bessemer converter the open hearth, but if the blast furnace were taken from us, civilization would be halted.
-Safety In Building Construction | by The Travelers Insurance Company
This is by no means a complete treatise on the subject of safety in building construction. Many of the most dangerous operations are covered, however, and if all of the suggestions that we give are carried out, the number of accidents will certainly be reduced to a small fraction of the number that now occur. We have attempted to make our recommendations comply in every respect with existing building codes.
-Elements Of Plumbing | by Samuel Edward Dibble
In preparing this manuscript the author has had in mind the needs of young men having no technical instruction who are anxious to become proficient in the art of Plumbing. As a consequence each exercise is minutely described and illustrated; so much so, perhaps, that an experienced mechanic may find it too simple for skilled hands and a mature mind. But the beginner will not find the exercises too elaborately described and will profit by careful study. Years of experience and observation have shown the author that the methods herein described are entirely practical and are in common use today.
-Modern Plumbing Illustrated | by R. M. Starbuck
A comprehensive and thoroughly practical work on the modern and most approved methods of plumbing construction the standard work for plumbers, architects, builders, property owners, boards of health and plumbing examiners, and for trade classes in plumbing
-Practical Up-To-Date Plumbing | by George B. Clow
The fact that plumbing during the past ten years has reached a most remarkable stage of development in the construction of improved systems of sewerage, house drains, ventilation and fixtures, is due to several causes. In the first place, the manufacturers of plumbing supplies in their pursuit of commercial supremacy have employed a number of sanitary engineers, who by experimenting and investigation, have perfected systems and fixtures which are a preventative against the dangers of sewer gas and their subsequent results, such as typhoid, scarlet fever, dysentery, etc., coming as they frequently do from no apparent cause, as far as modern science will permit...
-Plumbing And Household Sanitation | by J. Pickering Putnam
Since the purpose of this course is to treat of the best and simplest method of obtaining healthy homes and to show ' by what means the utmost convenience in plumbing work may be obtained with safety and economy, no attempt will be made to describe in catalog form all the interesting appliances manufactured to-day. Indeed, it would be impossible in a small volume to do even partial justice to their almost countless numbers. Each enterprising manufacturer requires for the cataloging of his sole individual productions, a ponderous volume, sumptuous and costly enough to pay for a small king's ransom. Before long, of course, in accordance with a law of economics which allows of no exception, a very big Trust will take charge of the whole business and place the goods before the public in a simplified form. Then the consumers will constitute the stockholders and price lists will become less mysterious and more satisfactory.
-House Drainage And Sanitary Plumbing | by William Paul Gerhard
The essay reproduced herein was originally prepared for the annual report of the State Board of Health of Rhode Island. It was written both for professionals and laymen. Having met with a favorable reception it was thought worth while to increase its utility by republishing it in an improved and more accessible shape. Many parts were accordingly rewritten, others were modified and omissions corrected. Such omissions, however, are sure to occur in any edition of a book, containing descriptions of modern plumbing apparatus, as new appliances are continuously invented between the time the book is written until it is printed and published.
-Plumbing Problems | by The Sanitary Engineer
Or, questions, answers, and descriptions relating to house-drainage and plumbing, from the sanitary engineer. With one hundred and forty-six illustrations
-Improved Plumbing Appliances | by J. Pickering Putnam
Until very lately the tendency in plumbing has been to-ward great and unnecessary complication and costliness and the result is a tendency on the part of the public to "do away with set plumbing" as far as possible. They despair of understanding the elaborate piping and fixtures, and the fear of sewer gas, added to the certainty of heavy expense, has had the effect of rendering set plumbing unpopular. A favorable reaction has, however, now set in, and the leading Sanitary Engineers and Plumbers urge greater simplicity in work, and better and more scientific fixtures...
-Plumbing Estimates And Contracts | by J. J. Cosgrove
In presenting this volume to the public the author completes a set of books devoted exclusively to plumbing which covers the calling from practice to contracting. The several books included in the set are: "Principles and Practice of Plumbing," "Wrought Pipe Drainage Systems," "Sewage Purification and Disposal," Plumbing Plans and Specifications," "Plumbing Estimates and Contracts" and "History of Sanitation.
-Plumbing Practice | by J. Wright Clarke
This treatise on plumbing practice contains the subject-matter of a series of papers contributed to The Engineering & Building Record, New York, in 1883-84-85-86-87. The papers are now re-arranged, and, to some extent, re-written and added to, with a view to presenting them in a more complete form. That plumbers shall command respect, and their advice be taken with implicit confidence, is most earnestly to be desired...
-American Plumbing Practice
From The Engineering Record. A selected reprint of articles describing notable plumbing installations in the united states, and questions and answers on problems arising in plumbing and house drainage.
-A Working Manual Of American Plumbing Practice | by William Beall Gray
Including approved fixtures, piping systems, house drainage, and modern methods of sanitation
-Plumbing Plan and Specifications | by J. J. Cosgrove
Plumbing Inspection, Plumbing Plans & Specifications, Principles of Plumbing Design
-Principles And Practice Of Plumbing | by S. Stevens Hellyer
If a man may be judged by his appearance, much more may a workman be judged by his tools. In these days of strong competition the man in any-trade or profession who does not provide himself with the best tools, the most efficient appliances obtainable, for executing his work expeditiously and efficiently, does himself a great injustice...
-Principles And Practice Of Plumbing | by John Joseph Cosgrove
In preparing the manuscript for this book, the author's sole object has been to systematize and reduce to an exact basis, the principles that underlie the practice of plumbing. The necessity for accurate rules and formulas, instead of the empirical methods formerly employed, was often and forcibly brought home to the author when designing plumbing installations for large buildings. The scarcity of scientific information on this important branch of sanitation was quite marked. No book had ever been published that indicated the best kind of material to use for a given purpose, that told how work should be designed and installed to be perfectly sanitary, and that showed how to proportion the various parts with relation to the whole, so that a plumbing system designed and installed according to the text would give perfect service.
-Sanitary Fittings And Plumbing | by G. Lister Sutcliffe
During the last quarter of a century, so many books have been written on the sanitation of buildings that there would be little need for another work on any part of the subject, were it not that sanitary science is still rapidly progressing. New discoveries and inventions are continually pressing for notice, and old problems are being solved in new ways...
-Standard Practical Plumbing | R. M. Starbuck
An exhaustive treatise on all branches of plumbing construction including drainage and venting, ventilation, hot and cold water supply and circulation. The work shows the latest and best plumbing practice, special attention being given to the skilled work of the plumber, and to the theory underlying plumbing devices and operations
- Questions And Answers On The Practice And Theory Of Sanitary Plumbing | by R. M. Starbuck
In presenting to the plumbing fraternity successive editions of "Questions and Answers," the author has endeavored to keep pace with the advancement that is constantly being made, and to make each edition of greater value to his readers than the preceding edition has been. The original purpose to present the subject in as concise and brief and practical a manner as possible is still followed.
-The Building Code Of The City Of Boston | by Building Department
An Act Relative to the Construction, Alteration and Maintenance of Buildings in the City of Boston
-The Construction Of The Modern Locomotive | by George Hughes
Many books have been written upon Railways and Railway work, both from a non and semiprofessional point of view, which no doubt supply some particular want, but the author trusts that the present work may prove acceptable in a wider sense, not only to those who are engaged in responsible management and designing, but also to the thousands occupied in the workshops and on the footplate.

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