Figure io shows the automatic tank T and flush pipes B B B that serve three urinals in the basement. The tank has a capacity of 10 gallons, and is usually set to flush every 15 minutes; it is a wooden box lined with copper, faced with marble panels and neatly fitted around iron floor joist J. The supply is through a ball cock, and is controlled by valve C. The discharge is through the special brass three-way branch A with ground couplings F F F connecting it to the flush pipes B B B that are smoothly and symmetrically curved.

Figure 11 is a general view of a room on the seventh floor. The walls and floor have white ceramic tiling and the paneling is of white marble. The supply pipes D and E are controlled by valves A and B, and are easily accessible behind the marble panels. The automatic flush tank T is similar to that shown in Fig. 10, except that its branch C is two-way. The flush tanks, shown in Figs, 10 and II, and all others in the building are ingeniously supported as shown in Fig. 12, where the - inch brass rods A A are leaded into the marble at the lower end. and into the brick at the upper ends, and the - inch rods B B are tightly screwed up against iron washer plates C C on the back of the wall. A furring strip (omitted for clearness in the illustration) separates the marble from the wooden box far enough to permit the rods B B to be placed as shown.