A clause is sometimes incorporated in the specification stipulating that in case of disagreement between the parties to the contract that the matter shall be decided by arbitration. In such cases it is generally provided that three arbitrators shall decide the points in dispute; that each party to the contract shall select one arbitrator and the two arbitrators so selected shall choose the third, and the decision of the three so chosen shall be final. If plumbing plans and specifications were always rightly prepared there would be no opportunity for disagreements to arise, but, as in the absence of proper drawings and description, many designers resort to catch clauses or salvation clauses to protect themselves from their own ignorance or stupidity, an arbitration clause will be found a protection to the contractor, as the arbitrators deciding the case will exercise sound business judgment, unfettered by the rules of legal procedure which hedge around a case in court, and their decision can be depended on to be a just one. It might be well to add that, in the case of trial by arbitration, the finding of the arbitrators will be held final in court, so practically there is no appeal from their judgment. A further advantage of arbitration is the fact that the case can be settled without loss of time, as would be the case in court.