Athletic clubs differ but little from the usual city club, outside of those parts of the building set aside for athletics. A large swimming pool is part of every well-equipped athletic club, and showers must be provided near by for the members to wash in before entering the pool. The pool will usually be located in the basement, and here, likewise, will be found the Turkish bath rooms.

On the second or some upper floor of the building will be located the gymnasium, boxing, wrestling and fencing rooms, and convenient to them should be the dressing rooms, with lockers, and the shower room adjoining the dressing room. Smokers, at which vaudeville entertainments are given, are usually a feature of athletic clubs, and a couple of dressing rooms near the stage in the gymnasium will be found necessary. In these rooms there should be lavatories, and if no other provision is made in the building for women, a water closet should be provided adjoining one of the dressing rooms for the use of women performers.

The athletic club resembles in many of its features a Y. M. C. A. building, yet there are so many differences that it resembles more a composite of a Y. M. C. A. building and an ordinary city club.

In none of the buildings mentioned so far has the matter of rain leaders, yard and area drains been mentioned, although, of course, in all buildings provision must be made for conducting away the rain water so it will not create a nuisance, while yards and areas which are paved must have some provision made for drainage.

Fourth and Fifth Floors oF Club Building Fig. 107 California Club. John Parkinson. Architect

Fourth and Fifth Floors oF Club Building Fig. 107 California Club. John Parkinson. Architect

In cities where separate systems of sewers are provided, one for storm water and the other for sewage, two systems of drainage will be required in buildings; one for the rain water and the other for sewage. On the other hand, where the combined system of sewers is in use, the storm water from rain leaders, yard and area drains can discharge freely with the house drain.

Whether the combined or separate system of sewers is used, rain leaders will be required, and, generally speaking, it will be better in cold climates to locate them inside of the building, where they will be protected from the frost, and be less liable to freeze up and burst. When located inside, however, to allow for the constant expansion and contraction of the pipes due to changes of temperature, each leader should be connected to the roof gutter by means of a short piece of lead pipe having circumferential corrugations to allow the expansion and contraction without injury to the leader or roofing.

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