The basement floor of a public bath and wash house is shown in Fig. 110. This floor is given over to the public wash house and contains, in addition to the hall, storage room and engine room, the public laundry. In the laundry are eight sets of two laundry tubs, a machine washer, drying-racks and ironing-table.

The plan of the first floor of the same building is shown in Fig. 111. This floor contains the men's baths and a toilet room, besides a reception or waiting-room, where patrons can be made comfortable while awaiting their turn. The main bath room is divided up into twenty separate booths, ten on each side, divided by a corridor. The booths are again subdivided into the inner shower rooms and the outer, or dressing, rooms. All that the dressing rooms contain are hooks on which to hang clothes and a stool, or seat, on which to sit. The partitions are of slate, marble or glass, about seven feet high, and the tops are covered with wire screens to prevent clothing or other valuables being "lifted" from one compartment to another.

Example Of A Public Bath And Wash House 163

Fig. 110

The women's booths are on the second floor, as shown in Fig. 112. Here, in addition to the showers, are two booths containing bath tubs and a separate bath room for children. A nursery is likewise provided and a reception room for the women waiting for a bath.