In connection with the subject of marble lavatories the following table will be found of value. Marble slabs are sold by the foot, and from this table the contents of any slab from 6 X 12 inches to 47 X 62 inches may be quickly found. The figures in the top horizontal line show the widths of slabs, and the figures in the left-hand vertical column show lengths. In estimating on slabs with finished edges it is customary to add one inch in length or width, as the case may be, for each finished edge.

The following example will show the manner in which the table is to be used:

It is required to find the contents of a marble slab 20 X 24 in., having both ends and the front edge finished, with 10-inch back. Adding 1 inch for each finished edge, gives the slab dimensions as 21 X 26 in., and the dimensions of the back as 11 X 26 in.

Find in the side column the length, 26 inches, and in the upper line the width, 21 inches.

To the right of the 26, and under the 21, will be found the contents of a slab 21 X 26 in., 3 feet 10 inches, and in the same manner the contents of the back will be found to be 2 feet, giving a total of 5 feet 10 inches. End pieces will be found in the same way.

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