A treatise on the properties, power, and resources of water for all purposes. Including the measurement of streams, the flow of water in pipes or conduits; the horse-power of falling water, turbine and impact water-wheels, wave motors, centrifugal, reciprocating and air-lift pumps. With 300 figures and diagrams and 36 practical tables. All who are interested in water-works development will find this book a useful one. because it is an entirely practical treatise upon a subject of present importance, and cannot fail in having a far-reaching influence, and for this reason should have a place in the working library of every engineer. Among the subjects treated are: Historical Hydraulics, Properties of Water, Measurement of the Flow of Streams; Flow from Sub-surface Orifices and Nozzles; Flow of Water in Pipes; Siphons of Various Kinds; Dams and Great Storage Reservoirs; City and Town Water Supply; Wells and Their Reinforcement; Air Lift Methods of Raising Water; Artesian Wells; Irrigation of Arid Districts; Water Power; Water Wheels; Pumps and Pumping Machinery; Reciprocating Pumps; Hydraulic Power Transmission; Hydraulic Mining; Canals; Ditches; Conduits and Pipe Lines; Marine Hydraulics; Tidal and Sea Wave Power, etc. 320 pages. Price............$4.00