As previously stated, if the estimator is to perform his work easily and intelligently, he must keep thoroughly posted on the current prices of material. In order that this may be done systematically many firms now keep run of quotations by means of a card system, such a card being seen below, and being placed in the S section of the file. All soil-pipe data should appear on this card, from which will be known the latest and most favorable discount on that material. In carrying out such quotations it is well to use a private system of characters to represent figures. A similar card should be used for each class of material, as lead pipe, traps, etc.

Soil Pipe

The J. B. S. Co. - N. Y. City - Jan. 1......... 25-10

M. & B. Co. - Boston - Feb. 2............... 30

The J. B. S. Co. - N. Y. City - Mar. 3........ 25-10-5

R. M. & C. Co. - Phila - Mar. 15........... 25-10

Another much more valuable and comprehensive cost card is shown on page 386. This card can be made to tell the complete story of each item of material used. It is equally valuable in keeping costs, for use in ordering, in checking invoices, in recording freight allowances, and for billing purposes.

In conclusion it may be said that for many reasons, and because of many varying conditions, the subject of estimating is one of the most difficult subjects connected with the plumbing trade upon which to give instruction.

To a certain extent, definite information, data, and advice may safely be given, but beyond that, success in accurate and intelligent estimating must result chiefly from a knowledge gained by experience, from the application of good judgment, and from systematic methods, the latter being of as much importance as any other factor.

Stop and Waste Cocks


Size and No.





Freight Allowed

Selling Price

Large Quantity

Small Quantity

A. B. C. Brass Works..............:. .

#2- 1/2"





125 lbs.

$4.58 doz.

50c. each