In all the large cities there are dealers in imported antiques. These pieces are usually choice and necessarily high in price, but those who can afford them will find these dealers reliable and fully informed.

There is also the dealer in antiques who is a cabinetmaker as well The antiques in his stock whether of British or American style, are usually of early American make, and it may be said that in beauty of the woods employed and in workmanship they are equal to the imported pieces. 20

Indeed, we are informed by a cabinet-making dealer who has handled both that the carcase-work of the American pieces is usually the stronger. Some beautifully carved and elaborate furniture was made here and such examples may well be called "museum pieces. "They now fetch nearly or quite as much as British work.

Our American cabinet-makers usually concerned themselves, however, with the production of the less elaborate but sufficiently ornamented forms, together with the simple pieces, and these are still within reach of those of moderate means. Indeed these antiques and cabinet-makers' reproductions may still sometimes be purchased at lower prices than new commercial furniture. There are especially in the East well-known furniture makers handling their own product and also large establishments (which might be termed cabinet-making factories) which sell through decorators and the highest class of dealers, both of which make fine and faithful reproductions of Period Furniture of various nationalities and styles. The pieces chosen are generally more unusual and often more elaborate than those made by the smaller cabinet-makers and the prices are necessarily higher.

The cabinet-makers' reproductions do not usually consist of the more elaborate pieces, but of those of quite sufficient ornament, often very handsome, well constructed of excellent mahogany or walnut and with the soft, desirable finish.