Admiration or dislike of this style is perhaps more than with any other a matter of temperament and personal character. In reaching a decision we should not fail to discriminate - one may grow very impatient of such wall decoration as that at Hotel de Matignon and appreciate to as great a degree the beautiful reserve of that of Hotel Delisle: one may not greatly care for apes, or too florid mantels with clocks and ornaments more florid still, and may yet very much like such pieces of furniture as the Chinese commode or the beautiful settees and chairs.

It is undoubtedly in many phases a feminine and frivolous style and yet it contains elements that, with due selection, present an interior of beauty, sufficient dignity and permanent value.

Whether or no the decoration and furniture of this age entirely meet one's own personal preference - and the writers make no bones in saying that they do not meet theirs as do those of the succeeding period - a catholic spirit appreciative of beauty cannot fail to be filled with admiration for the invention, versatility, grace, lightness and cleverness of this amazing movement and the quality of its craftsmanship.

For the house largely devoted to the life of fashion it is therefore particularly well adapted, and for a woman's apartment its chaster forms will create a home of comfort, charm and great refinement (a modern interior in this style is illustrated in Plates 55 and 114). But what would be thought of a bachelor who decorated and furnished his rooms a la Rocaillef

The capabilities of the period were among the first to be appreciated by decorators and the allied trades, and, as usually treated, it naturally therefore no longer possesses the element of novelty desired by some clients. A broader rendering of this style, combining Italian, Spanish and French-Chippendale elements with the French, opens out a new and delightful field for their endeavours.