Opinions of the Press.

London Review. 'A valuable and useful handbook for any one who wishes to adorn his house with the quiet pleasures of artistic fitness and grace.'

Public Opinion. 'Mr. Eastlake's "Hints" are all of a practical character, and are addressed to the general public; and those who read his agreeable pages, and see the illustrations of furniture and domestic utensils, combining the elements of beauty with those of use, cannot fail to be won over to the views here advocated and insisted upon."

Athenaeum. 'We welcome such a book as that before us, which is written by a very competent and accomplished student, for the guidance of those who have yet to learn the rudiments of Art as well as others whose knowledge is imperfect. Mr. Eastlake discourses clearly and soundly of those crafts which supply furniture for entrance halls, dining-rooms, libraries, drawing-rooms, and bed-rooms; also of wall-decorations, crockery, glass, plate, dress, and jewellery. His book is capitally illustrated by examples.'

Morning Post. 'This book will be found exceedingly useful by any person who is furnishing, and, when the house is furnished, this book will do for the drawing-room table if it has not been had recourse to too often. It is a very well got up book. The illustrations, most of which are executed by the Author, are very excellent, and afford proof that the principles which are spoken of in the text are thoroughly appreciated by the Author. They have had their influence upon his work. It is, in every sense, an excellent work.'

Examiner. 'The illustrations, a very important and interesting portion of the work, are judiciously selected and well executed. The book is addressed to everyone; it is really an attempt to induce people to think more about the style of the articles with which they are daily surrounded; it seeks to wean them from the silly habit of being guided in their purchases by the opinion of the shopman, who has his goods to sell, and who really knows little about them (for he neither made them nor designed them), and is ready to recommend each article in turn as he sees the eye of his customers attracted to it.'

Building News. 'We think the work is well-timed, and calculated to prove practically useful in spreading those true principles of ornamental art which we desire to see more widely understood and followed.'

Fortnightly Review

'Mr. Eastlake has opened a subject, the thorough discussion of which might be quite as conducive to domestic comfort as larger and more important reforms. To most men furnishing is an affliction - to all but men of considerable means it is a source of perpetual disgust. Nothing can exceed the ugliness of modern furniture, unless it be the houses into which we are obliged to put it.'

Daily News. 'There are an increasing number of people in all classes who are desiring to live among more picturesque surroundings. Mr. C. L. Eastlake has just published a handsome volume which will be of immense value to such persons, and will tend to increase their number. "Hints on Household Taste" is a plea for the artistic furnishing of our houses, and a guide to such furnishing.'

John Bull. 'An appropriate gift-book to housekeepers or others about to furnish. The popular taste in this matter is something perfectly frightful, and sorely needs educating. No better tutor than Mr. Eastlake could be found; and in this pleasant volume he reprints, with additions, the interesting papers which he has published in the Queen and London Review - showing how houses may be picturesquely yet withal comfortably furnished.'

Western Daily Mercury.

'Manufacturers will not, of course, stock their warehouses with articles for which there is little demand; but we have a right to expect that they should be in advance rather than in the rear of public taste. There are signs of improvement, and Mr. Eastlake's work will help on the reformation. We are not surprised to hear that it has already obtained a large circulation. It should have a place in every gentleman's library, and we could wish that in a cheaper form it may at some future time be within the reach of the masses, and especially in the hands of art workmen and skilled artizans.'

Portion of a Cabinet, executed from a Design by Charles L. Eastlake.

Portion of a Cabinet, executed from a Design by Charles L. Eastlake.