Call bells to be rung from the dining-room table are connected with an annunciator or to a separate bell. The table pushes may be temporarily clamped on the edge of the table and connected by a cord to an attachment set in the floor or the connection may be made by a foot plate set on the floor. In Fig. 247 is shown a form of push P which is intended to be clamped to the edge of the table under the cloth. The plate F forms the floor connection. It is set permanently with the upper edge flush with the surface of the floor. The part S, in which the connecting cord terminates, when inserted in the floor plate, makes contact at the points C to form an electric circuit with the battery. The foot plate shown in Fig. 248 is only an enlarged push button which is set under the table in convenient positions to be pressed with the foot. Its connection might be made as indicated or with the same floor connection as that of the preceding figure. Fig. 249 is a simpler form of floor push in which a metallic plug is inserted in the floor place. When the plug R is pressed, contact is made at the points C to form the circuit with the battery and bell.

Fig. 246.   A kitchen annunciator.

Fig. 246. - A kitchen annunciator.

Fig. 247. - Plug attachment and table push for a dining table.

Fig. 248. - Foot plate and contact for table bell.

Fig. 249. - Call bell attachment with detachable contact piece.