More recently a white pigment under this name has found its way into the paint market which, while it appears to have some of the features of zinc lead, is much bulkier, i. e., of lighter specific gravity. It is claimed for it that it consists of practically two-thirds zinc oxide in combination with one-third lead sulphate, and its selling price is considerably less than the cost of one-third white lead or sublimed lead and two-thirds of American zinc oxide. It is a Western (Missouri) product and it is well-known that all Western zinc ores contain more or less lead. When there is no objection to make a paint from part basic lead sulphate (sublimed lead) and zinc oxide the writer can see no reason why this pigment cannot be employed profitably. While not as smooth a mixing or grinding proposition as that of white lead and American zinc oxide, it has none of the refractory, harsh texture of zinc lead, nor its settling tendency. It mixes and grinds fairly well in oil and will make a medium stiff paste in the proportion of 87 1/2 per cent pigment and 12 1/2 per cent raw linseed oil.