The liquid for these compounds is best prepared as follows: Mix 100 pounds of silicate of soda of 40° Beaume and 12 gallons water; boil the mixture and while boiling, sift coarse powdered rosin to the amount of 25 pounds into the kettle, stirring until the rosin is dissolved, then strain through cheesecloth. Use pale rosin, so as not to discolor white or light tints. The above will yield 20 gallons liquid, which can be used alone with lime proof pigments or may be mixed with an equal volume of raw or boiled linseed oil to produce a washable paint. In giving the following formulas for paints of the latter type, we shall refer to the vehicle as mixed thinners, meaning a mixture of equal quantities by measure of the liquid and raw linseed oil. The most convenient form to offe

r these paints in is a semi-paste, so that the consumers may thin it for use with either water or oil.