For rafter and stair framing, it is advisable to use a square gauge. It simplifies the uses of the square by fastening the gauge at the base and rise for the desired pitch. (See figs. 25 and 26.) A gauge or fence is easily made by taking a 1"x2"x2'

piece of wood, rip edgewise 18", and with a couple of screws, clamp the square at 12" base and the desired rise, then lay the gauge on the edge of the rafter, mark for rise, and check mark at base; move the rise to the check mark and recheck as many times as there are base feet in the rafter. (See fig. 27.)

Fence And Gauge For The Square 27

Fig. 25

Fence And Gauge For The Square 28

Fig. 26

Fence And Gauge For The Square 29

Fig. 27

Where there is a fraction of a base foot, take the number of inches on the base at right angle, and move the square the fractional foot, 6", and mark as in former directions. (See fig. 28.)

Fence And Gauge For The Square 30

Fig. 28