When all walls and partitions have been raised and fastened in place, nail a temporary brace board at the top to each corner, extending diagonally to the bottom plate. With a straight edge and plumb plumb each corner and angle, fasten the bottom end of the brace board to keep the frame plumb until the walls are sheathed, or permanent braces are cut between the studs. See that all plates are straight before placing upper joists. (Fig. 12.)

Outside Wall Sheathing

In most countries the outside is sheathed before a finish siding is put on. Begin at the bottom of the sill and sheath up. Cut all door sheathing flush with sash and casement window openings. For double hung or weight windows, let the sheathing boards extend 2" in the opening to form a pocket for the weights. Put two 8d nails in the boards at each studding. Trim all corners flush. Keep all openings and corners trimmed as you sheath.