Practical and Profitable Ideas for a Boy's Leisure Hours


Illustrated with over 400 diagrams and working drawings 8vo

The Boy Craftsman 452

EVERY real boy wishes to design and make things, but the questions of materials and tools are often hard to get around. In this book a number of chapters give suggestions for carrying on a small business that will bring a boy in money with which to buy tools and materials necessary for making apparatus and articles described in other chapters. No work of its class is so completely up-to-date, the drawings are profuse and excellent, and every feature of the book is first-class. It tells how to make a boy's workshop, how to handle tools, and what can be made with them; how to start a printing shop and conduct an amateur newspaper, to fit up a dark-room, build a log cabin, a canvas canoe, a gymnasium, a miniature theatre, and many other things dear to the soul of youth.

We cannot imagine a more delightful present for a boy than this book.- Churchman, N. Y.

Every boy should have this book. It's a practical book - it gets right next to the boy's heart and stays there. He will have it near him all the time, and on every page there is a lesson or something that will stand the boy in good need. Beyond a doubt in its line this is one of the cleverest books on the market. - Providence News,

If a boy has any sort of a mechanical turn of mind, his parents should see that he has this book. - Boston Journal.

This is a book that will do boys good. - Buffalo Express.

The boy who will not find this book a mine of joy and profit must be queerly constituted. - Pittsburgh Gazette.

Will be a delight to the boy mechanic. - Watchman, Boston.

An admirable book to give a boy. -Newark News.

This book is the best yet offered for its large number of practical and profitable ideas. - Milwaukee Free Press.

Parents ought to know of this book. - New York Globe.

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