Practical Plans for Work and Play with Many Ideas for Earning Money

By a: neely hall

Author of "The Boy Craftsman"

With Nearly 600 Illustrations and Working-drawings by the Author and Norman P. Hall 8vo Cloth

Handicraft For Handy Boys 453

THIS book is intended for boys who want the latest ideas for making things, practical plans for earning money, up-to-date suggestions for games and sports, and novelties for home and school entertainments.

The author has planned the suggestions on an economical basis, providing for the use of the things at hand, and many of the things which can be bought cheaply. Mr. Hall's books have won the confidence of parents, who realize that in giving them to their boys they are providing wholesome occupations which will encourage self-reliance and resourcefulness, and discourage tendencies to be extravagant.

Outdoor and indoor pastimes have been given equal attention, and much of the work is closely allied to the studies of the modern grammar and high schools, as will be seen by a glance at the following list of subjects, which are only a few among those discussed in the 500 pages of text:

Manual Training; Easily-made Furniture; Fitting up a Boy's Room ; Home-made Gymnasium Apparatus ; A Boy's Wireless Telegraph Outfit; Coasters and Bob-sleds; Model Aeroplanes ; Pushmobiles and Other Home-made Wagons; A Castle Clubhouse and Home-made Armor.

Modern ingenious work such as the above cannot fail to develop mechanical ability in a boy, and this book will get right next to his heart.

"The book is a treasure house for boys who like to work with tools and have a purpose in their working." - Springfield Union.

"It is a capital book for boys since it encourages them in wholesome, useful occupation, encourages self-reliance and resourcefulness and at the same time discourages extravagance." - Brooklyn Times.

"It is all in this book, and if anything has got away from the author we do not know what it is." - Buffalo News,

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