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Author of "The Boy Craftsman," "Handicraft for Handy

Boys," " The Handy Boy" Profusely illustrated with

Photographs and Working-Drawings by the

Author and Norman P. Hall

Home Made Toys For Girls And Boys 454

HERE is a veritable gold-mine of suggestions for home-made toys, each one of which has been carried out successfully many times. Home-made toys have an increased value over purchased ones in the pleasure and practical experience gained in producing them.

It is not a lack of playthings that makes toy-construction so attractive, but rather the love of doing something interesting, and afterward being able to say of each toy, "I made it all myself."

Many of the merry-go-rounds, Ferris wheels, and other models made with the so-called "construction outfits" are shown in this toy book built of pick-up materials found at home. More credit is due boys and girls who learn to use these materials at hand, and the practice is an invaluable training in resourcefulness.

"Mr. Hall has provided a boy's natural energy with a safe and construct-ive outlet, and knows full well how to make play-work interesting, and encourage schoolboys and girls to think for themselves to use their ingenuity and stimulate their ambition." - Craftsman Magazine.

"Looking at A. Neely Hall's HOME-MADE TOYS FOR GIRLS AND BOYS, we see no reason why young people need go to the shops when they can so easily manufacture mechanical toys at home. Certainly nothing can cempt a boy more than the challenge to him to make things here suggested."- Independent.

"Mr. Hall, an expert in handicraft, in simple language and with ample illustrations gives clear directions for constructing all manner of toys for young people by young people. Some of the toys can be made with materials picked up around the average home, others by expending a few cents, but none are really expensive." - Continent.

"This is an all the-year-round handy book on toy-making. In view of the prevailing disposition to encourage the constructive abilities of young people this volume is timely as well as useful." - Detroit Free Press.

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