Author of "The Boy Craftsman," "Handicraft for Handy Boys," "The Handy Boy"

And Dorothy Perkins

Illustrated with photographs and more than 700 diagrams and working drawings

8vo Cloth Price, $2.50

Handicraft For Handy Girls 455

WITH the aid of an experienced craftswoman, A. Neely Hall, who is in a class by himself as a thoroughly re-liable teacher of handicraft, every operation that he describes being first practically worked out by himself, and every working drawing presented being original, new, and actual, has opened the door for the great and constantly increasing number of girls who like to "make things." Such girls see no reason why the joy of mechanical work should be restricted to their brothers, and with this book it need no longer be. The first part of the book is devoted to a great variety of in-door craft that can be followed in autumn and winter, while the second part, "Spring and Summer Handicraft," deals with many attractive forms of outdoor life, including an entire chapter on the activities of "Camp Fire Girls."

"This book will be hailed with delight by all girls who have a mechanical turn."- Watchman- Examiner.

"Girls will love just such a book and will find interest for every day of the year in it."-St. Louis Globe-Democrat.

"Triumphs of ingenuity never dreamed of are to be found in this volume of handicraft that girls can make, but its chief charm is to be found in the practical value of most of the things to be made." - Lexington Herald.

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