Paragraph 31. Basswood is sometimes called American linden, lin, bee or lime tree. Basswood is very important among the timbers of commerce because it is still plentiful and very cheap. The wood is very light both in weight and color and is also soft and lends itself easily to tool processes. While it is not a strong wood, it is rather stiff, is of a fine texture and holds its shape well, although it shrinks considerably in drying. Basswood is used very much in various lines of carpentering, in the manufacture of furniture and in almost all kinds of woodenware. Because it is soft and easy to cut, it is convenient for carved work and for toy construction. It is used in car and carriage bodies. The bass-wood tree grows rather large, therefore the boards can be obtained in broad widths. The tree grows in almost all the eastern portions of the United States. The so-called "white basswood" is a variety of basswood found most abundant in the Allegheny region. The tree does not grow to a very large size, but the wood is beautiful, clear and almost white in color.