Review Questions And Problems

1. Mention two or three points which should have careful consideration in designing a porch swing.

2. Name three kinds of wood which would be suitable for a porch swing.

3. What is meant by straight line designs in furniture ?

4. Give two reasons why quartered oak is preferable to plain sawn oak for furniture construction.

5. Why is quartered oak more expensive than plain sawn oak?

6. About what per cent. would you have to add to the price of a plain oak piano bench to equal the price of the same bench made of quartered oak?

7. How is a fine varnish finish produced ?

8. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a wax finish ?

9. What are the important properties that make red cedar a very valuable wood?

10. For what purposes have you used three-ply material in your shop work? What advantages has it over a single board of equal thickness ?

11. What kind of woods require a filler in producing a fine finish? Why is this true?

12. Estimate the number of board feet in each article which you have made from this section. Find out the price per hundred and figure the cost.

13. How could you tell what price to ask if you were offering a shop-made article for sale?

14. If by taking a course of training as a mechanic a boy can increase his wages from $7 to $12 per week, how much would his increase be for a year? If his course cost him $750, how long would it take for his increase in wages to repay the entire expense ?

15. Suppose John and Harry are two boys of equal age, ability and opportunities; John quits school and goes to work at $8 per week; Harry continues in school and after four years of industrial training goes to work at $15 per week. After Harry has been at work ten years (John fourteen) how much has each earned? Suppose it cost Harry $200 per year to remain in school, after returning that money, how much has he profited over John ? Which boy's future is most promising?