Paragraph 41. There are a number of different kinds of maple, known as the broad leaf maple, silver maple, red maple and sugar maple, sometimes called hard or rock maple. This is perhaps the most important maple of commerce. The wood is very hard, strong, stiff and tough and extremely fine in texture. In color it is a creamy white, sometimes having streaks of lightbrown, particularly in the heart. The grain is often quite wavy, from which is derived the beautiful effect called "bird's-eye" or curly maple. It shrinks moderately, works well and holds its shape. It wears smoothly without tearing up and will stand almost any amount of hard use. It does not, however, stand well under exposure to weather conditions, therefore it is used principally for inside work. It is our most valuable wood for floors, counter tops and other pieces of woodwork which must be subjected to hard wear. It is also used for finishing lumber in panels, stairways, ship and car construction. It is used a great deal for tool handles, piano framework and shoe lasts. It is almost always selected where an unusually hard wood of beauty and stability is required. Maple trees are quite popular as shade trees.