Paragraph 83. A plane is one of the most important tools which you must learn to handle. There are a great many different kinds and sizes of planes designed for different sorts of special work. In their principal features they are very similar. They all consist of some sort of sharp cutting blade firmly fastened in a suitable stock provided with a convenient handle. The planes in most common use, and no doubt the ones which you will find in your shop, are the block plane, smoothing plane and jack plane. In carpenter work and in cabinet-making there is frequently a need for a very long plane, known as a jointer. The only advantage which such a plane has over your bench plane, or jack plane, as it is sometimes called, is in length. The extra long stock of the jointer makes it especially suitable for planing straight edges on long strips for the edges of boards, which are to be dowled, or for fitting long doors which must be planed perfectly straight.