Scaffolding. Cornice is placed after sheeting. To do this advantageously it is necessary to erect scaffolding or staging.

Fig. 93 illustrates a common type. Stock 2"x4" is used for the uprights, and l"x6" for the horizontal members and braces or stays. Planks are placed upon these horizontals as shown. Fig. 94 illustrates a substitute for staging, a scaffold bracket upon which planks are laid.

Fig. 91. Setting T bevel for Roof Boards

Fig. 91. Setting T-bevel for Roof Boards.

Fig. 92. Sawing Roof Boards

Fig. 92. Sawing Roof Boards.

Fig. 93. Scaffolding

Fig. 93. Scaffolding.

Fig. 94. Scaffold Bracket

Fig. 94. Scaffold Bracket.