The hammer most commonly used by woodworkers is what is known as a bell-faced claw hammer, Fig. 95. The face of this hammer is slightly rounded that it may be used in setting nails upon outside work where the depression left by the face of the hammer is not objectionable. Upon inside work, and in cabinet work, a nailset, Fig. 96, will be used in setting nails. Such a set is held as in Fig. 97, one of the fingers resting against its point and upon the surface of the wood at the same time, to prevent the set from jumping off the nail head when the blow is struck with the hammer. The head of the nail will be driven very slightly below the surface of the wood.

Fig. 96. Nailset

Fig. 96. Nailset.

Fig. 97. Setting Nails

Fig. 97. Setting Nails.