The spokeshave, Fig. 111, is practically a short plane, and like the plane should be adjusted so that it will remove thin shavings. It is used chiefly upon curved surface work and may be either pushed or pulled.

Fig. 111. Spokeshave

Fig. 111. Spokeshave.

To make a curved edge upon the edge of a board, pencil gage lines on each of the broad surfaces which shall indicate the amount of curvature. Next, on the edge, pencil gage two lines each a distance from an edge equal to one-fourth the thickness of the piece, Fig. 112. Spokeshave or, if the edge is straight, plane off the two arrises so as to leave three surfaces, the central one being the broader. Next, estimating the amount with the eye, remove the two central arrises until five equal surfaces have been formed. Holding the sandpaper as in Fig. 94, sand along the grain until a smooth curve is formed.

Fig. 112. Gaging Chamfers for Curved Edge

Fig. 112. Gaging Chamfers for Curved Edge.