The marking gage, Fig. 22, is used for laying out accurate lines along the grain of the wood.

The spur, or marking point, is to be sharpened like a knife point by means of a file, the cutting edge to act when the gage is pushed forward with the right hand. A left handed person will have to draw the gage toward him or else reverse the cutting edge of the spur.

As the graduations on a gage stick or beam are not reliable, it is safer to set a gage by means of a rule held as in Fig. 23. As in all other work, make certain of the accuracy of the setting by again measuring with the rule after the thumb-screw has been adjusted for the first setting. Measure from the gage head to the sharpened point of the spur.

Fig. 22. Marking Gage

Fig. 22. Marking Gage.

Fig. 23. Setting Marking Gage

Fig. 23. Setting-Marking Gage.