The phase is often accompanied by an unforgettably unusual sensation that may be used successfully to enter, deepen or maintain the phase. It is difficult to describe it better than the sensation of a heavy current passing through the entire body without causing any pain. It may also feel like the whole body is contracting, or a tingling sensation similar to numbness. Most often, the sensations are similar to high-frequency vibrations of the body, which explains the origin of the term "vibration".

If the practitioner is not sure whether or not he experienced vibrations, then there is a good method to solve his problem: if he really did, he will not have any doubts about it. In all other cases, when there are doubts and uncertainty, the practitioner is definitely not dealing with vibrations, or is dealing with another form thereof.

If you have experienced vibrations at least once, the recollection of these sensations helps greatly during the simultaneous application of indirect techniques. They are created, supported and strengthened by straining the brain or tensing the body without using the muscles. For vibrations to appear, it often suffices merely to think about them. During the first experience, one should experiment with them for a while by rolling them around the body and its parts, as well as strengthening and weakening them.

However, one should not think that the presence of vibrations is a necessary condition for being in the phase. Many novices often strive not for the phase but for vibrations, after which the former must supposedly follow. That should not be the case. There are indeed specific techniques that make it possible to get into the phase by creating vibrations, but in all other cases they are not necessary and some practitioners may never have them at all.