A series of medical handbooks written by eminent specialists and edited by H. Addington Bruce and designed to present the results of recent research and clinical experience in a form intelligible to the lay public and medical profession.

Human Motives. By James Jackson Putnam, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Diseases of the Nervous System, Harvard University, Consulting Neurologist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. 12mo. $1.00 net.

The Meaning of Dreams. By Isador H. Coriat, M.D., First Assistant Visiting Physician, Nervous Diseases, Boston City Hospital. 12mo. $1.00 net.

Sleep and Sleeplessness. By H. Addington Bruce, A.M. 12mo. $1.00 net.

Fear and Its Consequences. By Boris Sidis, M.D., Director of the Sidis Psychotherapeutic Institute, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Alcoholism, Its Causes and Its Cures. By Samuel McComb, D.D., Director Emmanuel Alcoholic Clinic, Boston.

Insanity and Its Prevention. By M. S. Gregory, M.D., Resident Alienist, Bellevue Hospital, New York.

Morbid Dreads. By A. A. Brill, M.D., Chief of Clinic in Psychiatry and Clinical Assistant in Neurology, Columbia University.

The Influence of Joy. By George V. N. Dearborn, M.D., Professor of Physiology, Tufts College Medical and Dental Schools.

LITTLE, BROWN, & CO., Publishers, BOSTON