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Dreams Books

Books about Dream Interpretation and Sleeping

-Sex And Dreams - The Language Of Dreams | by William Stekel
Dr. Wm. Stekel's Language of Dreams, of which the first portion is herewith presented to the English reading professional ranks, is intended as a guide to the interpretation of the Unconscious for those who are concerned professionally with nervous disorders.
-The Interpretation Of Dreams | by Sigmund Freud
In attempting a discussion of the Interpretation of Dreams, I do not believe that I have overstepped the bounds of neuro-pathological interest. For, on psychological investigation, the dream proves to be the first link in a chain of abnormal psychic structures whose other links, the hysterical phobia, the obsession, and the delusion must, for practical reasons, claim the interest of the physician. The dream (as will appear) can lay no claim to a corresponding practical significance; its theoretical value as a paradigm is, however, all the greater, and one who cannot explain the origin of the dream pictures will strive in vain to understand the phobias, obsessive and delusional ideas, and likewise their therapeutic importance.
-The Meaning Of Dreams | by Isador H. Coriat
The new psychology of dreams, as elaborated by Freud, represents one of the greatest advances ever made in our knowledge of the human mind and of human motives. For abnormal psychology, dream-analysis can be compared only in importance with the discovery of the origin of species and of the factors of organic evolution in the field of biology. The analysis of dreams is not only of great theoretical value in the understanding of the unconscious but has its practical side as well, in giving medicine the most potent instrument which it has ever possessed in the treatment of certain functional nervous disturbances.
-Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, Or, What's In A Dream | by Gustavus Hindman Miller
"Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come. We dream what is about to happen." -- Bailey
-Sleep And Dreams | by John Murray
It is easy to spare books in these days of prolific authorship; and I fear it will hardly be considered a sufficient apology for my offering a superfluous book to the public, that I was impelled to do so by the request of partial friends. Yet I wish to say, that these Lectures, composed under many interruptions, were not designed for publication.
-Studies In Dreams | by Mary Arnold-Forster
The author of the book modestly makes no claim to be a scientific explorer but only to be a recorder of her own dream experiences, who has been impelled "to stray a little beyond the province" assigned and "to attempt some partial explanation of the riddles that are met with." But the reader, I am sure, will find that she has scarcely done herself justice in this diffident attitude, for the accurate recording of observations accurately made is the basis of science and requires the development and possession of no common talent.
-Dreams And Their Meanings | by Horace G. Hutchinson
With many accounts of experiences sent by correspondents and two chapters contributed mainly from the journals of the psychical research society on telepathic and premonitory dreams
-The Psychology Of Dreams | by William S. Walsh
This volume was written with the interests of the general reader particularly in mind; for this reason the subject matter has been treated in a more or less popular style. With a view toward aiding sufferers from nervous affections, as well as toward promoting a better understanding of various normal and abnormal mental processes, an effort has been made to make the book as practical as possible.
-The Fabric Of Dreams: Dream Lore And Dream Interpretation, Ancient And Modern | by Katherine Taylor Craig
This volume is written for the perusal of the unprejudiced. It is an appeal to those who neither affirm the infallibility of dreams, nor yet deny their significance as symbols, also to those persons who have given the subject no thought whatsoever, but who are nevertheless willing to listen impartially to the arguments of the old-fashioned dream interpreters and to the hypotheses of modern psycho-analysts. At first glance a vast distance seems to stretch between the desert of sterile scientific facts and the teeming jungle of riotous dreams, yet between these extremes winds many a temperate, pleasant path which the normal mind may follow if it will.
-About Dreaming, Laughing And Blushing | by Arthur Mitchell
In ordinary circumstances we are made aware of the existence of such things as chairs and tables through the sense of sight; but chairs and tables may, in certain conditions, be accepted by the mind as existing where they have no existence. They do not, in that case, reach the mind through the eye. They may be said to be seen directly by the mind itself without being imaged on the retina. The eye plays no part in this kind of vision. The mind, in other words, may be said, in certain conditions, to see without the aid of the eye. But the things so seen have no reality...
-A History Of Dreams, Visions, Apparitions, Ecstasy, Magnetism, And Somnambulism | by A. Brierre De Boismont
A philosophical physician said, in speaking of the first edition of this work: "If the author had been satisfied to treat the vast question of hallucinations as medical men usually treat a question of pathology, the medical press would have announced his monograph according to custom, with simple praises and very inoffensive criticisms; medical science would have numbered one more good work, and so the matter would have ended. But such has not been the case. M. Brierre de Boismont, in giving a less scholastic turn to his treatise, and introducing questions of historic psychology, has succeeded in electrifying both the press and the public...
-The Theory Of Dreams: In Which An Inquiry Is Made Into The Powers And Faculties Of The Human Mind | Robert Gray
As they are illustrated in the most remarkable dreams recorded in sacred and profane history.
-The Literature And Curiosities Of Dreams | by Frank Seafield
A Commonplace book of speculations concerning the mystery of dreams and visions, records of curious and well-authenticated dreams, and notes on the various modes of interpretation adopted in ancient and modern times.
-Dreams And The Unconscious: An Introduction To The Study Of Psycho-Analysis | by Charles Wilfred Valentine
The new psychology of the unconscious, associated chiefly with the work of Freud, has suffered the fate of many new movements of thought. On the one hand it has raised a loud outcry on the part of some of those, not always well-informed, to whom its doctrines seem incredibly strange and unpleasant. On the other hand, it has been pushed to an extreme by some of its supporters, and its suppositions have been asserted as though they were proved facts; sweeping generalisations have been made prematurely, for example, in reference to the influence of sex on mental life.
-The Royal Book Of Dreams From An Ancient And Curious Manuscript | by Raphael
It was towards the latter part of the summer of 182-, that I had occasion to traverse through the county of Somerset, upon a tour, partly of pleasure, and partly for scientific purposes. While sojourning for a few days in the vicinity of Bristol, I resolved to visit some of its most picturesque scenery; and, accordingly, I pursued my track along the western side of the river Avon, determined to trace once more the scenes of my youth, especially the extensive domains of the ancient manor hard by (denominated "the manor of Abbot's Leigh"), which, independent of the recollections imprinted on my mind, as being the chief theatre of my youthful "enactions" I well knew contained many rich objects of antiquarian research, well worthy the notice of the pedestrian who is attached to the memory and usages of the "olden time." To roe, I need scarcely add, the recollections the well-known scenery inspired, were fraught with the intensest interest...
-The Theory Of Dreams in Which an Inquiry is Made Into the Powers and Faculties of the Human Mind | by Robert Gray
In which an inquiry is made into the powers and faculties of the human mind as they are illustrated in the most remarkable dreams seconded in sacred and profane history.

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