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Paranormal Books

Books about Paranormal Abilities

-Telepathy And The Subliminal Self | by R. Osgood Mason
An account of recent investigations regarding hypnotism, automatism, dreams, phantasms, and related phenomena
-Human Personality And Its Survival Of Bodily Death | by Frederic W. H. Myers
The book which is now at last given to the world is but a partial presentation of an ever-growing subject which I have long hoped to become able to treat in more adequate fashion. But as knowledge increases life rolls by, and I have thought it well to bring out while I can even this most imperfect text-book to a branch of research whose novelty and strangeness call urgently for some provisional systematisation, which, by suggesting fresh inquiries, further accumulation of evidence may tend as speedily as possible to its own supersession. Few critics of this book can, I think, be more fully conscious than its author of its defects and its lacunŠ; but also few critics, I think, have yet realised the importance of the new facts which in some fashion the book does actually present.
-Mysteries Of The Vital Element Dreams, Somnambulism, Trance, Vital Photography, Faith And Will, Anesthesia, Nervous Congestion And Creative Function | by Robert H. Collyer
Modern spiritualism explained
-Practical Mind-Reading | by William Walker Atkinson
A course of lessons on thought-transference, telepathy, mental currents, mental rapport, etc. Containing practical instruction, exercises, directions, etc., capable of being understood, mastered and demonstrated by any person of average intelligence
-The Law Of Psychic Phenomena | by Thomson Jay Hudson
A working hypothesis for the systematic study of hypnotism, spiritism, mental therapeutics, etc.
-The Law Of Mentalism | by A. Victor Segno
A practical, scientific explanation of thought or mind force: the law which governs all mental and physical action and phenomena: the cause of life and death.
-Proofs Of The Spirit World | by L. Chevreuil
The study of the human soul as a psychic and physical entity, will be the science of tomorrow.
-Mind-Power: The Secret Of Mental Magic | by William Walker Atkinson
We take the greatest pleasure in presenting this latest and best work from the pen of William Walker Atkinson. It embodies the essence of years of thought, study, and experiment on the part of its author whose original research, discoveries, and writings along these lines have given him his worldwide reputation as an authority. It is his Masterpiece. A portion of its material was used in two of the author's previous works, viz., "Mental Magic," and "Mental Fascination," both of which works were published by ourselves. Both of the said works are now practically out of print, and will be withdrawn from sale by us, as they will be superseded by this newer and more complete work. This foundation material has been edited; added to; changed; improved; and corrected by the author, in accordance with his increased experience and knowledge of the subject. Obsolete matter has been replaced by entirely new material, and the work is now strictly "up-to-date". It is encyclopaedic in extent and character, every phase of the subject being considered by the author and expressed in words charged with his dynamic vitality. It contains matter that well might have been expanded into several volumes.
-Sleep Psychologically Considered With Reference To Sensation And Memory | by Blanchard Fosgate
In publishing the following Essay, the author is aware that the philosophy of mind has been the theme of gifted intellects through all civilized periods, and that, varied as its phases are, they have each elicited the closest investigation. The work is therefore submitted with great deference to the public. The reader will bear in mind that the subjects of the several chapters have not been examined with a view to their perfect history or phenomena, but have been introduced, more especially, with reference to the particular views proposed in the Introduction. In each, the leading object has been to collect facts and analyse combinations, the more clearly to elucidate, and the more perfectly to illustrate the view taken of that portion of psychology under consideration
-Phantasms Of The Living | by Edmund Gurney, Frederic W. H. Myers, Frank Podmore
Phantasms of the Living, published in 1886, which embodies much of the early work of the Society for Psychical Research, and in particular much valuable discussion by its earliest honorary secretary, Edmund Gurney, has long been out of print. But as its value has been but little affected by subsequent investigations, and it still forms the basis on which much of the present-day work on telepathy, and especially on apparitions, rests, it is thought that a new edition is likely to be appreciated by the public. Had the authors been with us still, a new edition would no doubt have been brought up to date. New evidence would have been included, and the discussion might perhaps have been added to or diminished, to suit the new atmosphere which the book itself has helped to create. Changes of this sort I have not felt justified in attempting. The text is substantially as the authors left it with the exception of omissions for the sake of brevity in Chapters IV and XIII (indicated in their places), and no new cases have been introduced.

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