At this stage it would be more comprehensive if the principle of wave-tracing with an angle-wire were explained and some of the reasons necessary for its efficiency detailed. Many of these reasons were not at first apparent and this accounted for many of the deviations.

All my findings were conducted on ground above the altitude of the place I was born. For this reason the methods I devised were adapted only to be used under the conditions in which I was geographically situated, with my Vivaxis at an altitude below me. By special adaption and compensation for up spins, many tests can be conducted also by a wave-transmitter when his own Vivaxis is located above him.

Tracing a polarized wave other than our own was necessary in the research. In principle it is linking two different wave circuits, ours with that of another polarized object or person. The wave pattern of the object or person is picked up at a centre point of polarization and imprinted on the neurons of the left thumb or fingers. The wave-pattern is in turn signalled to the neurons of the right thumb, located in the centre of the thumb's whorl. This centre point of the thumb is held in contact with the vertical of the angle-wire. The atomic structure in the wire becomes excited, aligning its atomic spins to correspond with the magnetic wave-pattern introduced. The wire becomes temporarily magnetized as the atomic spins tilt their axes toward the direction of the source of the radiation - angle of momentum spin (figure 5).

Position for holding angle wire

Figure 5. Position for holding angle wire.

The wire feels alive and revolves in the wave-transmitter's hand, searching for the direction of the Vivaxis with the corresponding pattern of radiation. As the wire revolves, a jerk is felt as the point of the wire latches on to a wave circuit channelling horizontally, directly toward its Vivaxis. The angle-wire points to the position for a short interval before the wave continues on in its circuit.

If allowed to move freely, a wave never "lies", and the accuracy with which a direction can be pin-pointed is consistent. This has been confirmed through six years, 1962-1968, of observation. Characteristic of all magnetic waves, they can undergo refraction, deflection, interference, cancellation and polarization.

Isolation of a wave other than your own takes knowledge and experience. Until all factors are well understood and adhered to, no true story can be told. Locations and testing grounds without interference are a MUST. For example, rocks have a polarized alignment of their own, dating back perhaps thousands of years. There has been a shift in the magnetic field which does not correspond with their present position. This interference can be eliminated by shutting out light as a wave-carrier. To do this, black plastic is laid down on the rock directly over the testing ground.

This type of testing - linking up with other circuits - is inclined to have adverse effects on the wave-transmitter. For this reason it is not a recommended practice. We became aware of this early in the research, but felt the risks involved might justify the findings. This they most conclusively have done.

The intent of this book is to pass our findings on, and guide the reader in how to locate the direction of his own Vivaxis, and how, through polarizing and channelling, he can accelerate the energies produced by his atomic spins. This should be the prerogative of everyone. For those that learn how to handle their energies with intelligent understanding, there can be rich rewards beyond man's fondest dreams. For this new knowledge of our biology vitally concerns the physical, mental, and emotional development of every individual.

It is not altogether surprising that it was through leaves and trees that some of nature's secrets were first revealed. Colonel Charles Lindberg must have felt man's strong bond with nature when he wrote in his book, THE WISDOM OF WILDNESS, "Here I believe the human intellect can learn from Nature. From the dynamics of an atom Nature produces the tranquillity of a flower, the joy of a porpoise, the intellect of man, the miracle of life.

In wildness I sense the miracle of life and beside it our scientific accomplishments fade to trivia. The human future depends on our ability to combine the knowledge of science with the wisdom of nature, and I have been forced to the conclusion that an over emphasis on science weakens the human character and upsets life's essential balance."

I suspected we were witnessing, through magnetism, the essence of "life's essential balance", the fundamental energies behind a balanced, uniform growth pattern. The pattern of our fingerprints bore similar pattern to those seen in rounds of wood. The centre rings of the fingers and the rounds of wood sent off tell-tale electromagnetic waves with vectors pointing to their respective Vivaxis.

Point x from which wave reading from tree ring is taken

Figure 6. Point x from which wave reading from tree ring is taken.

A comparison would be appropriate between trees and the bones of the human skeleton. Both acquire a permanent atomic magnetic alignment and circuit to a Vivaxis. This is possibly the main reason for their firm textures. The trees are the electromagnetic messengers to the leaves while the bones are the messengers to the connecting tissue. The messages are dictated through electromagnetic waves emitted by the original quanta introduced. In the case of rounds of wood which were tested from transplanted trees, the wave vector pointed to a Vivaxis located where the trees originally propagated - not to where it was transplanted (figure 6).