How did the atoms and molecules in our bones become permanently aligned, aligned to the magnetic field into which we were born? In searching for a feasible answer, we decided to experiment with calcium and ascorbic acid. A solution of ascorbic acid was placed in a paper cup into which a calcium tablet was completely immersed. The solution was moved to varying locations. The molecules and atoms in the acid solution re-aligned themselves into a pattern of north and south -in each new field that they were placed.

At one point, the solution was placed on a raised receptacle. The bottom of the paper cup was perforated in order to let the acid drain off. At this point, where the calcium tablet became exposed to the air, the atomic alignment became fixed. This now became its Vivaxis. When the tablet was taken to different rooms and tested, all vector wave readings converged on one point - its Vivaxis. The tablet was now placed directly on its Vivaxis. Vector readings picked up alternating horizontal currents, strongly pulling from north to south.

It was interesting to note that calcium could become polarized to one specific field of energy through contact with acid fluids. Calcium is the predominant mineral within our bodies and our human frame is composed largely of this mineral.

By virtue of comparison, we have the human fetus, encased in its mother's warm womb. Here it is comfortably floating around in an environment of amniotic acid fluid within the water bag, and further encased in a mysterious cellular substance which contains molecules of deoxyribonucleic acid, D.N.A. Here, too, we have an acid polarizing and lining its molecules up to each new field that it is subjected to. The alignment in an acid fluid is flexible and not bound, as in a solid.

Prior to birth, the fetus bones are still soft. We have noticed, when assisting with the birth of lambs, how their hoofs, at the time of birth, feel rather like a soft jelly substance. Almost immediately after they come in contact with the air they harden and solidify. Before or around this time, the polarized alignment sets and becomes bound in their bones - billions and billions of atoms, each with its electrically active electrons, orbiting rapidly around the nucleus, and each electron, spinning, also in its own axis. When the alignment is an orderly one, the atoms all tilt their nuclei and orbital spins towards one source of energy. By sheer weight of numbers, this motion generates a sizeable force and current. This current literally appears to plug the newborn into the magnetic energies radiated from the earth at this point. A two-way magnetic circuit becomes a link between himself and his newly acquired Vivaxis.

During the preliminary stages of our research, we took directional readings from bones of dead animals. These had alignments similar to those found in bar magnets. When the length of the bone was placed on a level surface and vector readings taken, the centre point gave us the correct direction. Currents at this centre point were travelling in a vertical direction. Vector readings varied when picked up on other points along the bone until such time when the bone was placed, facing lengthwise, directly towards its Vivaxis. Then, all points along the entire length of the bone had the same directional readings. In this manner we were able to correctly determine where an animal was born and, in some cases, followed the direction of the guiding currents of its magnetic field to the stall in which it was born.

Here was a strong indication as to what was apparently happening to the fetus around the time of birth. Our statistics were beginning to illustrate that many people appear to become permanently polarized a short time prior to actual birth, although a few have had their Vivaxes traced to the hospital in which they were born. The draining of the amniotic acid fluid could well be compared to the removal of the abscorbic acid from the calcium tablet.

Researchers have found that in some cases the fetus consumes part of the surrounding amniotic acid fluids. Perhaps, too, the chemistry of the acid sometimes changes at certain stages prior to birth, weakening its ability to further re-align to new energy fields. This could be compared to the acid in a car battery losing its strength and charge. There are varying circumstances and it is hard to determine at what point polarization actually takes place. Perhaps it is a combination of acid fluids and the first breath of a baby, where again variations are encountered.

In an article in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, October 1963, entitled THE FIRST BREATH, by Clement A. Smith, it is stated:

There is even a difference of opinion whether breathing activity normally begins only at birth or may occur before.

The article also gives a pertinent quotation:

B. Delisle of McGill University, noting that the activity of the respiratory nerves depends on a background of activity in the central nervous system, points out that the sudden increase in sensory input from the environment at the moment of birth may facilitate the initiation of breathing.

The first breath of a baby is very sudden, taking only a few seconds, and it appears as though the new-born suddenly kicks into an energy.

Undoubtedly, calcium and acids play a dominant role toward originally polarizing and later toward maintaining a permanent atomic spin alignment in the bone and cell structure. Vitamin C and calcium combine to act as the glue that holds the muscle cells together. It is important that the radiation in each individual bone atomically coordinates in related spins. The bones can then act as efficient messengers to the muscle cells. The cells align their atomic spins and there is an interplay between the two. Exercise stimulates and strengthens the magnetic circuit and the growth pattern, too. However, if some bones, through X-ray, have had their atomic spins changed, the efficiency of the messages is drastically reduced. In fact, there is a continual confliction of messages. The magnetic system generally struggles to adjust, but over a prolonged period there is often a breakdown. We can't help but speculate continually that this is why more and more statistics are pointing their fingers at X-rays in connection with the steady rise in cancer and related growths. Nature has introduced an atomic spin blue-print into our bone structure and we are destroying it. The sacrilege of it makes us shudder.

To get a clearer picture of the normal magnetic interplay, we suggest to the reader that you test with two bones taken from the same animal; i.e., the upper and lower part of a chicken bone. Normal cooking doesn't generally alter the atomic alignment.

Place both chicken bones in a straight line with a gap of approximately two inches between the two. Test with a suspended pendulum held between the two bones and a fraction above them so that it doesn't touch. Note how the pendulum starts to pull back and forth with the energy currents from one bone to the other. Next, take only one of the bones and place it in the deep freeze for a few hours. This will re-align its atomic spins to correspond with those in the deep freeze. Now test it in the same manner with its former mate and note how the pendulum does not pull with energy currents from one bone to the other. The wave's atomic spins first tend to cancel and then circulate. If the bone had been X-rayed instead of put into the deep freeze, the polarized wave of the X-ray would also re-arrange the atomic spins, and a good illustration could be judged of what is taking place in our system when we have X-rays.