The thyroid gland plays an active part in the distribution of calcium and this gland is also activated by radiation. Consequently, correctly coordinated magnetic circuits are probably essential for efficient distribution of calcium, just as correct food chemistry is essential for its absorption.

According to reliable articles on the subject of calcium, the blood has to maintain a specific balance of calcium and phosphorus. Most of our foods on this continent are high in phosphorus and low in calcium. The system consequently will often rob the bones of calcium to feed the blood-a condition which, over a period of time, can lead to serious crumbling of the bones. Osteoporosis is one example of a condition caused by a prolonged deficiency of calcium and vitamin D. The bones become porous and actually crumble.

On December 8, 1967, a desperate and dejected young man with osteoporosis came to me, Frances Nixon, hoping to get relief and help through polarizing. Less than a couple of years before he had been an active steel worker with a highly-paid job. He was now unable to bend one knee. His foot was out at a 45 degree angle and he could not place it flat on the floor. His balance was poor and he was in constant pain. His future appeared grim as he described how the doctor had operated for osteoporosis on the hip. They had taken a piece of bone from his leg and grafted it onto his hip. This necessitated his being in a cast for nine insufferable months. His physical inabilities had reduced him from well-paid employment to a job with little pay - dispatching in a taxi stand.

He mentioned X-rays in the left hand and wrist, chest and right hip. We assisted with determining his correct alignment to his Vivaxis. It was difficult at first for him to manoeuvre and keep his balance, but he managed to re-polarize his right hip to atomically match his left. His balance became markedly improved although he was still unable to bend his right knee.

He had de-polarized and re-polarized his other X-rays according to instruction and was sitting with his bad leg uncomfortably pushed out rigidly in front of him.

After a short interval of questioning, he commented, "I forgot to mention that my right leg was X-rayed, too." I immediately got him correctly aligned again in his channel and assisted in the de-polarizing routine. I then left him with further instructions to manoeuvre and exercise in his polarized wave channel. After an interval of about one minute, I called out suggesting that he rest. His voice was ringing with excitement as he called back, "Nothing doing. Come everyone, come and look! I'm starting to bend my knee!"

As he continued to walk back and forth in his alignment, the knee's flexibility gathered momentum. It was difficult indeed to persuade him to slow down or stop. "This is tremendous, look what I'm doing for myself," he exulted. His excitement mounted further when he sat down and noted that both knees were now bent.

The couple who had asked permission to bring him shared in his elation and have recently reported that he has maintained his improved balance and can still bend his knee.

The original cause in his case was evidently calcium deficiency in the bones. Before he left I questioned him about his doctor's recommendations for his calcium intake and absorption. The doctor had given absolutely none or any other suggested aids in nutrients. I suggested that he read Adelle Davis's books, LET'S EAT RIGHT TO KEEP FIT and LET'S GET WELL. Both are highly recommended and widely circulated books, written by possibly one of the best informed authorities in the field of nutrition on this continent. In her books it is suggested that calcium deposits are not a case of too much calcium, but a lack of adequate absorption. Recommendations for calcium absorption are given excellent coverage.

We will, as a conclusion to polarizing calcium, relate with diagrams the results of our test with salt. This was one of many that we conducted to prove definitely the wave circuit link to its Vivaxis. Many of the others paralleled the tests already done with magnets and with equally confirming results.

Calcium tablet, situated below Vivaxis

Illustration A - Calcium tablet, situated below Vivaxis. Salt placed directly below it. Result - Circuit instantly cut.

# - polarized calcium tablet.

* - Vivaxis that the calcium tablet is polarized to.

Calcium tablet situated below Vivaxis

Illustration B - Calcium tablet situated below Vivaxis. Salt placed directly above Vivaxis. Result - Circuit normal and uninterrupted.

Calcium tablet situated above Vivaxis

Illustration C - Calcium tablet situated above Vivaxis. Result - Salt cut circuit instantly when placed above the magnetic pole.

Calcium tablet placed above its Vivaxis salt below

Illustration D - Calcium tablet placed above its Vivaxis. Salt placed below it. Result - Circuit normal and uninterrupted.

The calcium tablet was secured to the horizontal arm of the angle-wire. The wave transmitter stood erect with his free hand grounded on a table. The changes of energies stimulated at the calcium's Vivaxis by an assistant were recorded faithfully by the wave transmitter. The finale was when ammonia was placed over the Vivaxis - the calcium lost its polarity permanently. In contrast, bar magnets in similar tests were only temporarily cut, reinstating their energy circuits after the ammonia solution was removed.

Salt had the advantage of only temporarily cutting the circuit.

Could the actual energy source at the Vivaxis be disrupted sufficiently to cut the magnetic link between the two?

For this test, salt was used, for the chemical properties and tendency it has to absorb and retain ions. However, if left too long, over one area, the salt eventually absorbs this penetrating radiation. For this reason, the salt was renewed at intervals. See illustrations. This experiment illustrates:

(1) How currents from a polarized body migrate to the magnetic point of their origin.

(2) How a source of energy and radiation is travelling vertically up from the earth.

(3) How both the vertical energies and the horizontal energies at a certain given point have a characteristic radiation relating them to that point.

We can now better understand how we acquire a permanent polarized alignment to a specific field . . . how we absorb a certain amount of the earth's radiation and energy in the immediate vicinity where we are grounded. Here is where our acid fluids, with their characteristic ability to align their atoms and molecules up to the fields they are currently subjected to, play a dominant role in creating an energy circuit between us and our permanent Vivaxis.