Let me now study and interpret each of these Types of Finger Tips and combine them with smooth and knotted fingers.

A. The Pointed Fingers

A The Pointed Fingers 21

Smooth, Poetry of soul and heart. Ecstatic religious feeling. Love of the "essence of beautiful things." Called the "Psychic" fingers. No order in ideas or action. Often incurable laziness. But the gift of intuition.

With First (Upper) Knot

Struggle between inspiration and reasoning. The believer begins to doubt. The poet loses part of his genius. On the other side, inspiration is put to better advantage in the execution of works.

With Second (Lover) Knot

Here the artistic gifts of a higher order are interfered with by a tendency to practicality which will not be silenced. The artist or poet will be more successful financially, but far from his pure ideal.

With Both Knots

The natural qualities of the pointed tips are lost to a great extent by these two knots, which drag down the lofty ideals of the smooth pointed fingers.

Inspiration will often be in the direction of inventions or discoveries. But as a rule, this discord will render the subject moody and dissatisfied.

Pointed fingers are very rare. Pointed Fingers with Knots arc extraordinary exceptions.

B. The Conical Fingers

B The Conical Fingers 22

Smooth., The poetic gift is more sensual, less ethereal. The beautiful will be cultivated in the solid and visible form, with still a hatred for rigorous logic and a great independence in thought and manners.

With First (Upper) Knot

The artist is more dominated by practical reasoning. He calculates his efforts and aims at success with a set purpose, but still with a grand idea of art. Found in the hands of all gifted musicians, dramatic actors of high caliber, etc., etc.

With Second (Lower) Knot

Combination and moral force are added to the artistic talent. But the subject will be quite practical in the handling of his interests and insist on the proper (moneyed) recognition of his talent.

With Both Knots

Here we have the most desirable type for the artist, the inventor, the literary man, the musician, the actor who has to face the world and make his way through it His genius will always be of just the kind that is wanted by his time, and he will know how to husband it to full profit.

In conical hands the knots will be found seldom, and always be very slight.