C. The Square Fingers


Love of philosophy, social science, reality in art; well-ordained literary works; a talent for concciving business plans, Little enthusiasm; much inspiration, though, but strictly ruled over by reason. This is a strong and precious type.

C The Square Fingers 23

All the subjects with square tipped fingers, whether smooth or knotted, are independent to a degree, and generally truthful.

With First (Upper) Knot

The tendencies of the square type are bettered by this knot. They are born to love reasoning, and this knot will cause them to excel in it; they'll discuss everything, religious beliefs included; they'll be hard to convince; they are regular Thomases. They have a good capacity for intelligent, useful work.

With Second (Lower) Knot

This will increase the practical bent of the subject, but reduce his capacity for properly judging the cause before the effect. This type is that of the model employe, the disciplinarian, the pedagogue. Duty before everything; no discretion used. Obey, and, above all, be orderly.

With Roth Knots

Love of the natural sciences, of history, archæology, law. An excellent financier, fanatic of symmetry; prefers common sense to genius. Has no love for art, poetry, fiction. Apt to prefer the useful to everything else, and to drag down ideals when he has occasion to. But he is exact, honest and indispensable in all well-ordained commonwealths.

In Square Fingers, knots - especially second knots - are very frequent, almost the rule.

D. The Spatulate Fingers

D The Spatulate Fingers 24

Smooth. Instinctive understanding of real life; an imperious need of activity, generally physical. Fondness for open air sports and occupations, for politics and the management of men, for travel.

With First (Upper) Knot

Here we have the type of the aggressive infidel, of the scoffer at every ideal, of the "bom kicker," He hates sentiment, and has little use for ideal art. He wants art applied to industry. He loves realism, and is a positivist to an extreme degree. Fond of exact sciences and of researches in the domain of useful inventions.

With Second (Lower) Knot

The second knot will give still more intensity to the instincts developed by the smooth spatulate tips. The love for the beautiful is here at its lowest, but the fondness for well-ordered enterprise is at its best. Great generals.

With Both Knots

Stronger than ever is the taste for activity in and out of doors. He wilt call science to his help in his vast enterprises; his mind is never satisfied if it does not tire his body.

In Spattilate Fingers knots are very frequent, especially the Second knot. Distinguish carefully between the spatu-late shape and the lower broadening due to the presence of the first knot.

6. Each Finger Tip Taken Separately

First Finger

Pointed - Intuition, high ideal of religion.

Conical - Perception. love of reading.

Square - Love of truth.

Sparttlate - Exaggerated love of action.

Second Finger

Pointed - Morbid fear of the supernatural.

Conical - Healthy belief in religion. Square - Prudence, Spatulate - Activity.

Third Finger

Pointed - Ideality in art, poetry. Conical - Artistic thought. Square - Truth in art. Spatulate- - Love of movement in art (drama).

Fourth Finger

Pointed - Science loved for its own sake.

Conical - Tact.

Square - Able to teach.

Spatulate - Good at active business.