(18) Spirituality

[Ordullty superstation] The hands are very soft and very much rayed; the fingers are pointed and smooth; the thumb is short; the Line of Intuition is clearly marked. In the hands of people of action, like Cromwell and Joan of Arc, the Mounts of Mars are very developed, and their special intuitive faculties are confirmed by a beautiful Line of the Sun; the Mount of the Moon is decidedly exaggerate, and the Line of Head droops down almost to the Rascette; the Girdle of Venus is only feebly marked, as the nerves here are not the ruling power.

Another form of intuitive instinct, quite natural and in fact quite material in its origin is manifested by a treble Girdle of Venus; it generally corresponds with a diseased state of the organs of generation in woman, a state of health that is found very generally in the female clairvoyants who have been studied, in the hospitals. It is generally accompanied by a chained Line of Heart and by a star at the end of a much sloping Line of Head, It has been found, again and again, that when the female troubles are cured the clairvoyant state vanishes; the phenomenon may be studied during (and after) pregnancy, as temporary clairvoyance, due to such causes, invariably ceases after child-birth.

(19) Ideality

[Sublimity, love of the beautful]

The Mount of the Sun very prominent; the Line of the Sun is superb, at least on the Mount itself, which often leans towards the Mount of Mercury. The fingers are smooth and slightly square; they are sometimes pointed, when the poetical enthusiasm is only temporary; the thumb is indifferent; all the Mounts under the fingers are full and unrayed; the Line of Head is long, drooping towards the Mount of the Moon which is itself very prominent and rayed, at the base, by a number of confused lines. Often a line starts from the lower Mount of the Moon along the Percussion and goes straight up to the Mount of Mercury being a form of the Line of Intuition. The third finger is long and is the only one in the hand slightly spatulate; it is furrowed inside by a number of lines from the third to the second phalanx. The nail of the third finger is often fluted - an indication of abundance of fluid; the type of the subject will be the Sun type somewhat mixed with that of the Moon.

19 Ideality 1169

(20) Mirthfulness

[Mucking Wit: quick combining qwallty]

Very short nails; well developed Mounts of Mars and Mercury; pretty long 6ngers; a cross in the Triangle; the Line of Head separated from the Line of Life; a short Line of Heart, and a fairly developed Mount of the Moon; often a well developed Jupiter, The Mounts of Mars and Venus will give the gift of witty raillery.

(21) Imitation

A well developed Mount of Mercury; the fingers are smooth and mixed in type; the Mount of Venus is prominent; the Mount and the Line of the Sun are both there; the Line of Heart is well marked and the Line of Head has a large fork at its termination; a good Upper Mount of Mars is necessary.