(22) Individuality

(The Investigating and classifying faculty]

A well developed Mount of Mercury; the fingers very long, smooth (knotted with the classifiers) and quite spatulate; the Mount of the Moon is in evidence. The hands are soft, the nails short, and the Line of Head quite long, rising slightly at its termination towards the Mount of Mercury; there is a Line of Intuition and a good Mount of Jupiter.

(23) Form

[Good Judgment and memory of shapes and The Line of Life curving somewhat abnormally inside the hand, thus giving an unusual development to the Mount of Venus. A beautiful Line of the Sun and smooth fingers, square without excess. Whenever fingers are square the artistic tendency lies entirely towards the classical, and a painter or sculptor with that characteristic will never be able to do anything without a model.

(24) Size

(Good Judgment and memory of dimensions]

Desbarrolles states that this organ has no equivalent in Palmistry.

(25) Weight

[ Excellent. sense or touch: perfect equilibrium.]

Spatulate fingers, endowed on their inside tips with round, ball-like developments.

(26) Color

Is clearly indicated by the breadth of the Upper Mount of Mars, modified as follows by the other Mounts: The Upper Mount of Mars alone prominent, gives a love for red, the color of blood; it is well known that iron which is the attribute of Mars enters into the composition of blood. With the Mount of Mars, the Mount of Jupiter gives also a preference for very bright colors; the Mount of Saturn for dark colors; the Mount of the Sun secures the gift of true coloring; the Mount of Mercury indicates a taste for weak coloring, the Mount of the Moon loves a silver blonde coloring, and the Mount of Venus all pinkish tints.

26 Color 1170

(27) Locality

[A strong taste for traveling; a need at change.]

The Line of the Sun and the Mount of the Moon strongly developed, indicating respectively journeys by land and voyages by sea; cross lines on the Percussion along the Mount of the Moon and upward lines from the Rascette. Accidents during travels or voyages are marked by islands, crosses or stars on these lines.

(28) Calculation

Very square fingers; both knots quite marked; a long thumb and a straight Line of Head; the Mount of Jupiter prominent, in the hands of great merchants and bankers; the Mounts of Mercury and (sometimes) Saturn especially marked in the hands of employees having dealings with money, like cashiers, collectors, etc.

(29) Order

Long fingers strongly knotted and square tipped; short nails; Jupiter is generally predominent

(30) Eventuality

[Taste fur and memory of events,]

This organ is not well marked in the hand. It generally corresponds with a well marked Mount of Mercury with Mounts of Jupiter, Moon and Venus.