Desbarrolles says of the Rascette: "It is traced in that portion of the hand which is devoted to material instincts, and therefore all lines inside the palm that droop down to it are debased thereby and lose much of their intellectual and moral meaning." ,

This will be found confirmed in my Chapter on the Line of Head. Remember that this does not apply to such lines as rise from the Raseette, as they really indicate an ennobling, not a debasing tendency.

The Rascette 434

There is a great deal here that is purely traditional and which has not been very clearly demonstrated - in my Opinion. Certainty the first Bracelet is an interesting study that deserves attention; the other two, being practically out of the field over which Chiromancy concentrates its observations, may be looked upon simply as additional evidence, strengthening such indications gathered elsewhere, inside the palm.

I. Position And Direction

One of these Bracelets clearly marked and unbroken - An omen of twenty-three (23) to twenty-eight (28) years of life.

Two such bracelets - Announce a life of from forty-six (46) to fifty-six (56) years.

Three such bracelets - Give promise of a life of betwen sixty-nine (69) and eighty-four (84) years.

Many works give to each of the bracelets a meaning of 30 years of life. I have never found them to exceed 26; in fact, in the hands of very old people, octogenarians, etc., I have found four bracelets; although they have not always been very visible, as, at that age, the skin is so exceedingly wrinkled all over the hand as to lend but very little reliable assistance to the inquiring palmist.

It was also believed by the old chiro-mants that three fine bracelets - with a poor Line of Life - meant fortune, or success, or both, but without health to enjoy them.

I Position And Direction 435

The first bracelet high on the wrist and convex in form - Troubles in the generative functions, especially in child-bearing, etc.

It is of the utmost importance not to mistake the first bracelet for a deep Line of Voyage from the lower part of the Mount of the Moon to the Line of Life. or for a Line of Influence from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of the Moon. Both these indications will be found interpreted on p. 114 and p. 179 respectively.

II. Character

The Three Bracelets very clear, well defined and colored - Health, wealth, good fortune; a smooth, easy existence.,

Poorly formed - A life of extravagance, and (with other confirmatory signs) of dissipation.

II Character 436

The first bracelet chained - A life of much hard work and care, but with final success crowning these efforts.

III. Connected With The Mounts

A line from the Rascette to the Mount of Jupiter - A long and successful journey.

This line generally crosses the Mount of Venus. When it comes through the Mount of the Moon, it is most decidedly a sea voyage.

Two lines from the Rascette to the

III Connected With The Mounts 437

Mount of Saturn, Crossing each other there - The subject will not return from one of these long journeys.

The element of ill-luck is here quite manifest.

A line from the Rascette to the Mount of the Sun - Reputation acquired through associating with people in high position met in one's travels. Also more frequently - interpreted as "travels in tropical countries."

III Connected With The Mounts 438

A fine straight to the Mount of Mercury - Indication of sudden wealth.

It acts in that case as a sister line to the Line of Liver.

Lines from the Rascette to the Mount of the Moon - Journeys (by land, when these lines do not cross the Mount of the Moon): for every line a journey; the longer these travel lines, the longer the journeys: two such lines absolutely paral1el from start to finish - Dangerous but profitable journeys.

These lines of journey are much fainter than the three main upward lines; they are quite different in character and therefore easily distinguishable by an experienced eye.