IV. Breaks

IV Breaks 439

The three bracelets breaking in a point, one above the other, under the Mount of Saturn - Inordinate vanity and untruthfulness, leading to disaster.

V. Connected With The Lines

Directly or by Minor Lines. See the Sections in the Chapters devoted to each particular main line, headed, for the Line of Life, "Termina-tion and Forks at the Termination," and, for the Lines of Fate, the Sun and Liver, "Starting Points and Forks at the Start."

V Connected With The Lines 440

Connections with Lines,

Travel lines from the Rascette. ending at the Line of Life - Death on a journey.

These lines are properly Lines of Influence, but tradition has given them this meaning, which is radically different from that logically attributed to Lines from the Mounts of Venus and Upper Mars and the Line of Life (which see).

V Connected With The Lines 441

A poor, wavy line from the Rascette. cutting the Line of Liver - Poor luck through life.

This is in accordance with my interpretation of the Line of Liver - mentioned further - which makes the latter a line of success in business, as well as a line of health - when perfect and un-barred from start to termination.

VI. Signs

A cross in the center of the first bracelet, if the latter is finely shaped and unbroken - A life full of difficulties, but ending comfortably and peacefully.

VI Signs 442

A line from the Line to the Mount of Jupiter, with a cross or angle on the first bracelet of the Rascette - Wealth coming, through a very successful journey.

VI Signs 443

An angle at the center of the first bracelet of the Rascette - Money by inheritance and position of honor coming to the subject in his, or her, old age.

VI Signs 444

A triangle with a cross inside - Large fortune by inheritance.

A star in the middle of the first bracelet in a good hand - Inheritance; in a bad hand - Immorality.

VI Signs 445

The five indications concerning Signs on the Rascette are so absolutely illogical, when thus giving highly satisfactory meanings to such untoward signs as crosses, angles and stars, that I must class them among purely traditional observations. They are, however fully indorsed by Desbarrolles.

As I stated above. I attach hut little importance to the third bracelet, and have not absolute faith in the second. Often deep wrinkles are formed by the habitual wearing of gloves, which assume the shape (but not the meaning) of the third, and sometimes the second bracelet. But, on the other side, the first bracelet is of real value in palmislic readings.