This line is called by many Palmists the Line of Health, and is considered by them simply as an accessory to the Line of Life. While willingly admitting that this line confirms in many instances the promise of longevity revealed in the Line of Life, and while it certainly completes the indications obtained from the third of the Chief Lines concerning the good or bad working of the digestive organs, the Line of Liver ought not to be neglected in the study of the subject's business career, for does it not terminate on the Mount of Mercury and contain all the elements already examined under the heading of this Mount and that of the fourth finger? Here and there we find in the leading chiromantic works observations that can be logically explained only by this reference to the business idiosyncrasies of the Mount of Mercury. I have simply completed these scattered indications and united them into one homogenous reading.

I have been struck by the fact that a perfect digestion and an active liver contribute greatly to clearness of thought and rapidity of action; two essential qualities for a successful business man. Hence the close connection between a perfect Line of Liver, a well-proportioned Mount of Mercury, a fairly long fourth finger and a brilliant career in the world of affairs. To these, of course, must be added the intelligence denoted by a satisfactory Line of Head, and the willpower revealed in a strong first phalanx of the thumb.

There is a second remark concerning the Line of Liver which has its natural place here. I always considered the Via Lasciva and the Line of Intuition, not as lines deserving special names and descriptions, but as peculiar forms of the Line of Liver, or - if it be already found in the hand - as sister lines to that important channel of vital fluid. However, I write concerning them under separate headings, somewhat against my better judgment and simply on account of the general use of these names, etc., by the later English palmists. Desbarroltes mentions the Via Lasciva, which he calls La Voie lactee (the Milky Way); but the Line of Intuition he treats simply as a curved form of the Line of Liver along the Percussion of the Mounts of the Moon and Upper Mars.

This will explain a few - to my mind, useless - repetitions the reader will meet with in this chapter.

I. Position And Direction

Starting from above the Rascette, not touching the Line of Life, and going straight up to the Mount of Mercury - Longevity, good health (especially of the digestive organs); success in business.

I Position And Direction 446I Position And Direction 447

Taking its course quite near the Per-Percussion - Sign of a changeable, ultra-nervous disposition; also of many voyages. It is often taken then for what is called the Line of Intuition, and, in fact, has very much the same meaning of "Gift of Clairvoyance," although perhaps less pronounced.

Turning a kind of semi-circle from the

Mount of the Moon to the Upper Mount

Mars or Mercury - Clairvoyance.

This is really the Line of Intuition

(which see).