I. Position And Character

Normal. Running parallel to the Line of Liver.

starting farther from the Plain of Mars and ending on the Mount of Mercury: when traced clearly in both hands - Sensuality. Passionate thirst for money.

I Position And Character 484

Wavy - Inconstancy. Ill success, of' ten due to dissipation.

Considered as a sister line to the Line of Liver, it repairs many of its defects.

I Position And Character 485

Wavy and long, starting from inside the Mount of Venus - Immorality. Life shortened by excesses.

II. Terminations And Forks At The Termination

Terminating on the Mount of Mer-cury - Good luck; eloquence; cleverness as a politician; generally accompanied by had morals.

Forked at its termination - Impotence, languor; slow wasting away; generally due to excesses.

III. Breaks And Branches

Same meanings as those read on the Line of Liver.

IV. Connected With The Main Lines

A. Directly

Cutting the Line of Liver - Grave indication of liver troubles; also annihilation of the business qualities the Line of

A Directly 486

Liver may have shown up to the date of the cut. To be read in the hand of a voluptuary - Success in business destroyed by excessive love of the other sex.

B. Minor Lines

Connected with the Line of the Sun by a line not cutting the latter - Wealth.

B Minor Lines 487

Connected with the Line of the Sun by a line cutting the latter - Heavy financial losses, or artistic success ruined by excessive love of the other sex,

B Minor Lines 488

Unexplained Pains In The Side

A number of cross lines from the lower Mount of Venus to the Upper Mount of Mars, seemingly like a crowd of Lines of Liver and Via Lasciva.

"A lady suffered cruelly from constantly recurring abdominal pains, for which the most prominent physicians and surgeons failed to discover a. cause, except that they attributed them to nervous over-excitement."

Unexplained Pains In The Side 489

V. Signs

A star - Riches, but much trouble to secure them, keep them and enjoy them; due to exaggerate influence of, or love for, the opposite sex.

V Signs 490