I. Position

Normal: Between the Line of Line, the Line of Head and the Line of Liver. If any of these lines are missing, of course there is no more Triangle, properly so called, although the signs found located on that portion of the Palm that would be normally included within the limits of the Triangle - were it formed -are to be read as if within the Triangle.

I Position 958

II. Character

Bulging in both hands - Aggressive temperament. Spendthrift disposition.

Bulging in one hand only - Bravery. Generosity.

II Character 959

Broad and well traced - Benevolence.

The three lines in perfect shape indicate a finely balanced nature, hence a kindly one.

Large anu well traced and of a healthy color - Good luck, long life, courage.

The Palm Proper is but too often red and feverish, a symptom of great weakness and generally of a wasting disease.

Wide and clearly marked, with the three lines of a good color - Good understanding.

A liver in good order helps the brain marvclously in its work.

Very large, with developed Mounts of Mars - Audacity.

As stated above, the whole Plain of Mars is dominated by the idea of energy, pluck, etc.

II Character 960

Small - Nieanness of disposition. Cowardice Flat in both hands, with a very low Mount of Saturn - Insignificant life.

Of course the Mount must not only be insignificant, but unlined and unmarked.

Very low - Little luck through life; the subject will not be generally liked. Often miserly, mean disposition.

II Character 961

Low, with an exaggerate Mount of the Moon and only one bracelet welt traced - Catalepsy.

A nervous trouble bringing about temporary suspension of animation.

Very low in both hands, with a short and broad Line of Heart - Lethargy.

Here, the circulation of the blood, not the nervous system, is at fault.

II Character 962

Narrow through a poor Line of Head inclining toward a poor Line of Liver - Business failure.

Heavy and pale, with a large, flabby palm, a short thumb and thick set fingers, the third phalanges puffed up inside- - Material tastes.

II Character 963

Poorly formed, the Lines of Head and Liver being curved inwards - Cowardice, meanness, miserly disposition.

Abnormally curved Lines always indicate a weakness of some sort, physical, mental or moral.

Developing gradually and more and more clearly - Improvement in the health of the subject.

Of course we can follow this development only in our hands or in those of close friends whose hands are constantly under our examination.

With the skin rough and hard - Contempt of physical pain.

Here again the idea of courage associated with the Triangle is made apparent.

II Character 964

Badly formed and with a Line of Heart straight as a bar into the Percussion - Miserly habits.

II Character 965

Much lined and with exaggerate Mounts of Mercury and Mars - Impa-tient, fretful disposition, easily aroused to anger.

An exagerate Mount of Jupiter would add to this characteristic an inordinate vanity wounded by imaginary slights.

Well formed, with a Line of Heart forked at its termination - Generosity.

Remember that a branchless, broken Line of Heart is an indication of a hard, selfish nature.

II Character 966

The Triangle found in the hand of a young person, with the Lines of Fate and the Sun absent - The subject must not be directed toward an artistic or intellectual career; worldly wisdom and superficiality will always stand in the way of success in that direction.

In other words, the existence of the three main lines gives assurance of fair health, good practical ability and plenty of will power, but reveals no brilliant aptitudes. That would go admirably with knotted fingers, square and even spatulate tipped.