Those in whose hands the Mount of Venus is found predominating over all the other Mounts are called in Palmistry Venusians.

VII The Signatures Of The Mount Of Venus 232

I. Physical Peculiarities

The Venusian has many traits in common with the Jupiterian, but there is in his nature something more feminine - in the good sense of the word - more tender and more deeply unselfish. He has the same white complexion, tinted with pink, but softer and more delicate. In stature he is above the medium height, with a round face wherein no bone is apparent; the cheeks are smooth, often dimpled, and the brow is beautifully-curved, although of comparatively narrow dimensions; whenever he smiles or feels sad two or three perpendicular wrinklets are visible between the eyebrows, which are finely curved, abundant and silky, but not joined. His hair is long, dark colored, plentiful and supple; he keeps it until late in life. The nose Is long and broad at the root, but shapely and rounded at the tip; the eyes are large, clear and beautiful; they are moist with sweet, voluptuous tenderness, slightly bulging and of a brown color; the pupils are wide and the eyelids so silky and fine that the bluish veins are visible. The mouth is small, with rather thick, red lips, especially the lower lip; well-orderd white teeth issue from coral-Colored gums. The chin is round, plump, dimpled and rather long; the jaws are not massive. The ears are small and delicately shaped The neck is white, majestic and fleshy.

The shoulders are narrow and gracefully drooping. The chest is not broad but full and healthy looking. The arms are plump. The hips are quite developed and rather high, in both sexes; yet the thighs although long, as in the Greek statues, are graceful and lithe; the ankles are small and so are the high-instepped feet. The hands of a Venusian are plump and dimpled, soft but not flabby, with short, smooth fingers and a mottled skin; the thumb is short.

The bad Venusian type - revealed by other unfavorable indications in the hands - has a sickly, white complexion, and an unhealthy embonpoint. His flesh is flabby, his sunken eyes are bold and libidinous. His hair is often reddish, and his heavy, fat nose turns up at the end in an unshapely mass; his lips are very thick, especially the lower one; he walks with difficulty, is encumbered early with a large stomach, and his extremities are of a vulgar type; his voice is hoarse; even women of that species are thus afflicted. The hands are flabby and, the shapeless, fat fingers are short and smooth.

II. Health Peculiarities

The Venusian, at his best, is strong and healthy, and his temperament is known as the nervous -sanguine - a most desirable combination. His cheerful disposition carries him over many minor troubles. He suffers, however, from such illnesses as come from disappointments in love, and also from various derangements of the generative organs, although the female Venusian has the difficulties in child-bearing and their consequences more usually marked on the lower part of the Mount of the Moon.

The Venusian at his worst suffers from the consequences of his excesses and has to pay for them dearly, having often to face one of the most horrible forms of slow blood poisoning, known as syphilis.

III. Mental And Moral Peculiarities

With the Solar Subject the Venusian divides the honor of belonging to the elite of mankind. He loves life in spite of ail its miseries, and believes in its possibilities; the pleasing expression of his face reveals how truly he is in peace with himself and with all the world; and in fact he knows no selfishness and enjoys nothing better than to exert his spirit of benevolence all around him. He is fond of sociable intercourse, and is, above all, desirous to please and to be Universally liked. He is not a great eater or drinker, although he is endowed, as a rule, with a remarkably good digestion. He loves delicate perfumes, the beauties of nature and simple melodious music; such music as goes straight to the heart. He is certainly sensually inclined, but his aversion to causing pain or damage to any living being keeps him away from such immoral deeds as might ruin others or bring sorrow to those he respects. Still the Opposite sex plays the most important part in his life and influences his every act. Being truthful and constant himself, he is often deceived, but, like all those who truly love, he pardons easily and unrestrictedly. He hates all forms of quarreling, strife, warfare.

He is only mildly ambitious, and then simply for the sake of the one he loves best of all and to attract her attention and her affection,. In a word, he is the soul of kindness. If art appeals to him, he will display in it, to a rare extent, the gift of harmonious form and a thorough understanding of the beautiful in his choice of subject, drawing and coloring. As a writer of fiction his work will be touching and elevating. No real great painter or musician or novelist may hope to reach the heart of the people if he be not to a high degree a Venusian.

The Venusian type at its worst - i. e., with other unfavorable indications in the hands - is that of the unscrupulous debauchee, the detestable profligate, often the erotic madman. All the thoughts and actions of the bad Venusian are directed toward obscenity and corruption. As he grows older he becomes more and more abject and revolting in Ins conduct, and it is quite a common occurrence to see his depravation land him into state's prison.